Verizon is committed to addressing issues that impair completion of calls to rural areas. If you suspect call completion issues, you can now request Verizon to perform automated call testing (i.e., 102 Milliwatt, 105 ROTL, etc.) to one or all of your end offices by completing the form below.

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Rural LEC Contact Info:

In the section below you can specify information for up to five tests to be performed. You need to provide information for at least one CLLI






Please Note

If you have questions related to the Milliwatt test please email Verizon at or call 1-800-999-5875 during normal business hours. Carriers involved in trouble-shooting a live rural call completion issue can call the Verizon Rural Call Completion hotline at 1-800-285-3776. When calling the hotline, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • To and From numbers
  • Dates and times when problems occurred
  • A description of the issue or concern
  • A description of any testing the RLEC has already conducted with their customer to rule out local network or tandem issues or issues at the end-user premise
  • Contact information for an RLEC representative that Verizon can contact to obtain more information, provide updates, or engage in trouble-shooting or cooperative testing. (Verizon will retain this contact information and is required to provide it to the FCC.)
{"2255":"3 Rivers Tel. Coop., Inc.","1601":"Absaraka Coop. Tel. Co.","2191":"Accipiter Communications Incorporated dba Zona Communications","1346":"Ace Tel. Assn. - IA","1345":"Ace Tel. Assn. - MN","0704":"Ace Tel. Co. of Michigan, Inc.","3022":"ACS of Alaska, Inc.","3008":"ACS of Fairbanks, Inc.","3030":"ACS of the Northland, Inc.","989C":"Adak Eagle Enterprise LLC dba Adak Telephone Utility","0976":"Adams Tel. Coop.","2178":"Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association","3017":"Alaska Telephone Company","1347":"Albany Mutual Tel. Assn., Inc.","2213":"Albion Telephone Co. dba ATC Communications","2090":"Alenco Communications, Inc.","0978":"Alhambra-Grantfork Tel. Co.","2288":"All West Communications - UT","2290":"All West Communications - WY","542D":"Allband Communications Cooperative - MI","1657":"Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc. (Split Rock)","1860":"Alma Communications Company dba Alma Telephone Company","0344":"Alma Tel. Co., Inc.","1106":"Alpine Communications, L.C.","4472":"Alteva of Warwick LLC - NJ","4473":"Alteva of Warwick LLC - NY","0217":"Amelia Tel. Corp.","3900":"American Samoa Telecommunications Authority","0842":"Amery Telecom, Inc.","0843":"Amherst Tel. Co.","1097":"Andrew Tel. Co., Inc.","1516":"Arapahoe Tel. Co.","0585":"Arcadia Tel. Co.","1098":"Arcadia Tel. Coop.","3001":"Arctic Slope Tel. Assn. Coop., Inc.","0280":"Ardmore Tel. Co., Inc.","4000":"Ardmore Tel. Co., Inc.","2171":"Arizona Tel. Co.","1692":"Arkansas Tel. Co., Inc.","1734":"Arkwest Communications, Inc.","1517":"Arlington Tel. Co.","0267":"Armstrong Tel. Co.","0071":"Armstrong Tel. Co. - NY","0189":"Armstrong Tel. Co. - PA","0195":"Armstrong Tel. Co. North","0216":"Armstrong Tel. Co. of Maryland","0256":"Armstrong Tel. Co. of WV","1374":"Arrowhead Communications Corp.","0586":"Arthur Mutual Tel. Co.","1350":"Arvig Tel. Co.","4415":"Asotin Tel. Co. - OR","4416":"Asotin Tel. Co. - WA","1101":"Atkins Tel. Co., Inc.","0468":"Atlantic Tel. Membership Corp.","1966":"Atlas Tel. Co.","0588":"Ayersville Tel. Co.","1105":"Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","2259":"Baca Valley Tel. Co., Inc.","0844":"Badger Telecom, Inc.","1107":"Baldwin Nashville Tel. Co., Inc.","0846":"Baldwin Telecom, Inc.","0396":"Ballard Rural Tel. Coop. Corp., Inc.","0675":"Baraga Tel. Co.","0469":"Barnardsville Tel. Co.","1108":"Barnes City Coop. Tel. Co.","0676":"Barry County Tel. Co.","0589":"Bascom Mutual Tel. Co.","0446":"Bay Springs Tel. Co., Inc.","0925":"Bayland Tel., Inc.","3032":"Bear Lake Communications","2359":"Beaver Creek Coop. Tel. Co.","4612":"Beehive Telephone Co., Inc. - Nevada","4611":"Beehive Telephone Company, Inc. (Utah)","1968":"Beggs Tel. Co., Inc.","1604":"Bek Communications Cooperative","0847":"Belmont Tel. Co.","0553":"Ben Lomand Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","2455":"Benkelman Tel. Co., Inc.","0145":"Bentleyville Communications Corporation dba BentleyvilleTelephone Company","1356":"Benton Coop. Tel. Co.","0590":"Benton Ridge Tel. Co.","1649":"Beresford Municipal Tel. Co.","0848":"Bergen Tel. Co. - WI","0073":"Berkshire Tel. Co.","1110":"Bernard Tel. Co., Inc.","3002":"Bettles Tel. Co.","2039":"Big Bend Tel. Co., Inc.","2192":"Big Sandy Telecom, Inc.","2181":"Bijou Tel. Coop. Assn., Inc.","1969":"Bixby Tel. Co., Inc.","0849":"Black Earth Tel. Co.","2235":"Blackfoot Tel. Coop., Inc.","1524":"Blair Tel. Co.","2182":"Blanca Tel. Co.","0678":"Blanchard Telephone Co.","0554":"Bledsoe Tel. Coop.","0850":"Bloomer Tel. Co.","0742":"Bloomingdale Home Tel. Co., Inc.","0679":"Bloomingdale Tel. Co.","2038":"Blossom Tel. Co.","0282":"Blountsville Telephone LLC","1358":"Blue Earth Valley Tel. Co.","0346":"Blue Ridge Tel. Co.","1746":"Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc.","1816":"Bluestem Telephone Company","0512":"Bluffton Tel. Co., Inc.","0851":"Bonduel Tel. Co.","2073":"Border To Border Communications","0463":"BPS Telephone Company","0398":"Brandenburg Tel. Co.","0347":"Brantley Tel. Co., Inc.","2040":"Brazoria Tel. Co.","2041":"Brazos Tel. Coop., Inc.","1112":"Breda Tel. Corp.","0038":"Bretton Woods Tel. Co.","1362":"Bridge Water Tel. Co.","0283":"Brindlee Mountain Telephone LLC","3003":"Bristol Bay Tel. Coop., Inc.","1113":"Brooklyn Mutual Tel. Co.","0447":"Bruce Tel. Co., Inc.","0855":"Bruce Tel. Co., Inc.","0591":"Buckland Telephone Company","0219":"Buggs Island Tel. Coop.","0348":"Bulloch County Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","0220":"Burke'S Garden Tel. Co., Inc.","0856":"Burlington, Brighton & Wheatland Tel. Co.","3004":"Bush-Tel, Inc.","0284":"Butler Tel. Co., Inc.","1115":"Butler-Bremer Mutual Tel. Co.","2301":"Calaveras Tel. Co.","0448":"Calhoun City Tel. Co., Inc.","1365":"Callaway Tel. Exch.","2311":"Cal-Ore Telephone Co.","0983":"Cambridge Tel. Co.","1526":"Cambridge Tel. Co.","2215":"Cambridge Telephone Company","0351":"Camden Tel. & Tel. Co., Inc.","0744":"Camden Tel. Co., Inc.","4476":"Cameron Telephone Company - LA","4477":"Cameron Telephone Company - TX","0426":"Campti-Pleasant Hill Tel. Co.","1974":"Canadian Valley Tel. Co.","2362":"Canby Tel. Assn.","1440":"Cannon Valley Telecom, Inc.","2046":"Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative","1190":"Carbon\/Emery Telcom, Inc. - UT","1976":"Carnegie Tel. Co.","0470":"Carolina Telephone and Telegraph Company, LLC dba CenturyLink","0683":"Carr Tel. Co.","1118":"Cascade Communications Company","2371":"Cascade Utilities, Inc.","1119":"Casey Mutual Tel. Co.","0984":"Cass Telephone Company","0076":"Cassadaga Tel. Corp.","0285":"Castleberry Tel. Co., Inc.","1121":"Center Junction Tel. Co.","1697":"Central Arkansas Tel. Coop., Inc.","3310":"Central Montana Communications, Inc.","1977":"Central Oklahoma Telephone Co., L.L.C.","1125":"Central Scott Tel.","0859":"Central State Tel. Co","0471":"Central Tel. Co. of NC dba CenturyLink","2114":"Central Tel. Co. of Texas dba CenturyLink","0254":"Central Tel. Co. of Virginia dba CenturyLink","2052":"Central Texas Tel. Coop., Inc.","2277":"Central Utah Tel., Inc.","0705":"Century Telephone of Northern Michigan, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0671":"CenturyTel Midwest - Michigan, Inc. dab CenturyLink","0552":"CenturyTel of Adamsville, Inc. dba CenturyLink - Adamsville","1706":"CenturyTel of Arkansas, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1144":"CenturyTel of Central Arkansas, LLC dba CenturyLink","0747":"CenturyTel of Central Indiana, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0423":"CenturyTel of Central Louisiana, LLC dba CenturyLink","1159":"CenturyTel of Central Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink","0427":"CenturyTel of Chatham, LLC dba CenturyLink","1126":"CenturyTel of Chester, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0557":"CenturyTel of Claiborne, Inc. dba CenturyLink - Claiborne","2208":"CenturyTel of Colorado, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2410":"CenturyTel of Cowiche, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2185":"CenturyTel of Eagle, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0440":"CenturyTel of East Louisiana, LLC dba CenturyLink","0434":"CenturyTel of Evangeline, LLC dba CenturyLink","0877":"CenturyTel of Fairwater-Brandon-Alto, LLC dba CenturyLink","0884":"CenturyTel of Forestville, LLC dba CenturyLink","2225":"CenturyTel of Idaho, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2422":"CenturyTel of Inter-Island, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2101":"CenturyTel of Lake Dallas, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0898":"CenturyTel of Larsen-Readfield, LLC dba CenturyLink","0702":"CenturyTel of Michigan, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1445":"CenturyTel of Minnesota, Inc. dba CenturyLink","9785":"CenturyTel of Missouri, LLC (Belle-Herman) dba CenturyLink","9786":"CenturyTel of Missouri, LLC (Southern) dba CenturyLink","0913":"CenturyTel of Monroe County, LLC dba CenturyLink","2249":"CenturyTel of Montana, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1711":"CenturyTel of Mountain Home, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0436":"CenturyTel of North Louisiana, LLC dba CenturyLink","0458":"CenturyTel of North Mississippi, Inc.","0956":"CenturyTel of Northern Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink","1142":"CenturyTel of Northwest Arkansas, LLC dba CenturyLink - Russellville","1143":"CenturyTel of Northwest Arkansas, LLC dba CenturyLink - Siloam Springs","0431":"CenturyTel of Northwest Louisiana, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0950":"CenturyTel of Northwest Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink","0801":"CenturyTel of Odon, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0630":"CenturyTel of Ohio, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0574":"CenturyTel of Ooltewah-Collegedale, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2360":"CenturyTel of Oregon, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2395":"CenturyTel of Oregon, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2117":"CenturyTel of Port Aransas, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1274":"CenturyTel of Postville, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1720":"CenturyTel of Redfield, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0439":"CenturyTel of Ringgold, LLC dba CenturyLink","2140":"CenturyTel of San Marcos, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1727":"CenturyTel of South Arkansas, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0424":"CenturyTel of Southeast Louisiana, LLC dba CenturyLink","0931":"CenturyTel of Southern Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink","0442":"CenturyTel of Southwest Louisiana, LLC dba CenturyLink","4437":"CenturyTel of the Gem State, Inc. dba CenturyLink - ID","4438":"CenturyTel of the Gem State, Inc. dba CenturyLink - NV","0924":"CenturyTel of the Midwest - Kendall, LLC dba CenturyLink","0857":"CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink - Casco","0841":"CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink - Cencom","0922":"CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink - Northwest","0934":"CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink - Platteville","0959":"CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink - Thorp","0970":"CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink - Wayside","2274":"CenturyTel of the Southwest, Inc. dba CenturyLink - NM","0689":"CenturyTel of Upper Michigan, Inc. dba CenturyLink","2408":"CenturyTel of Washington, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0895":"CenturyTel of Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink","2299":"CenturyTel of Wyoming, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0077":"Champlain Tel. Co.","1864":"Chariton Valley Tel. Co.","0685":"Chatham Tel. Co.","0078":"Chautauqua & Erie Tel. Corp.","0079":"Chazy & Westport Tel. Corp.","0860":"Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.","1979":"Cherokee Tel. Co.","0515":"Chesnee Tel. Co.","0516":"Chester Tel. Co.","1647":"Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Tel. Authority","0861":"Chibardun Tel. Coop., Inc.","0354":"Chickamauga Tel. Corp.","1980":"Chickasaw Tel. Co.","0597":"Chillicothe Tel. Co.","0004":"China Tel. Co.","0680":"Chippewa County Tel. Co.","1893":"Choctaw Tel. Co.","1981":"Chouteau Tel. Co.","1425":"Christensen Communications Company","2289":"Chugwater Tel. Co.","2349":"Churchill County Telephone dba CC Communications","1982":"Cimarron Tel. Co.","3005":"Circle Telephone & Electric, LLC","1129":"Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative","0473":"Citizens Tel. Co.","1865":"Citizens Tel. Co.","0081":"Citizens Tel. Co. of Hammond NY, Inc.","0156":"Citizens Tel. Co. of Kecksburg","0355":"Citizens Tel. Co., Inc.","0225":"Citizens Tel. Coop.","0863":"Citizens Tel. Coop., Inc.","0751":"Citizens Tel. Corp.","0577":"Citizens Telecomm Company of the Volunteer State, LLC dba Frontier Comm. of the Volunteer State","4426":"Citizens Telecomm. Co. of the White Mountains, Inc. dba Frontier Comm. of the White Mountains","1128":"Citizens Telecommuncations of Nebraska, LLC dba Frontier Communications of Nebraska","2308":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of California, Inc. dba Frontier Communications of California","4427":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Idaho dba Frontier Commnications of Idaho","1183":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Illinois dba Frontier Citizens Communications of Illinois","1123":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Minnesota, LLC dba Frontier Citizens Communications of MN","4322":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Montana dba Frontier Communications of Montana","2354":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Nevada dba Frontier Communications of Nevada","0096":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of New York, Inc. dba Frontier Communicatons of New York","3401":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Oregon dba Frontier Communications of Oregon","4336":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Tennesee, LLC dba Frontier Communications of Tennesee, LLC","4429":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of Utah dba Frontier Communications of Utah","0270":"Citizens Telecommunications Company of West Virginia dba Frontier Communications of West Virginia","2172":"Citizens Utilities Rural Company, Inc. dba Frontier Citizens Utilities Rural","1353":"City of Barnesville Tel. UtilIities","1650":"City of Brookings Municipal Tel. Dept.","1653":"City of Faith Municipal Tel. Co.","1370":"Clara City Tel. Exch. Co.","1130":"Clarence Tel. Co. Inc.","1531":"Clarks Tel. Co.","0990":"Clarksville Mutual Tel. Co.","0753":"Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. dba Endeavor Communications","2363":"Clear Creek Mutual Tel. Co.","1132":"Clear Lake Independent Tel. Co.","0865":"Clear Lake Tel. Co., Inc.","1372":"Clements Tel. Co.","1698":"Cleveland County Tel. Co., Inc.","0688":"Climax Tel. Co.","1133":"C-M-L Tel. Coop. Assn. of Meriden Iowa","0356":"Coastal Utilities, Inc. dba CenturyLink","0005":"Cobbosseecontee Tel. Co.","0866":"Cochrane Coop. Tel. Co.","2057":"Coleman County Tel. Coop., Inc.","1134":"Colo Tel. Co.","2059":"Colorado Valley Tel. Coop., Inc.","2364":"Colton Tel. Co.","2204":"Columbine Acquisition Corp. dba Columbine Tel. Co., Ltd.","2214":"Columbine Telephone Company dba Silver Star Communications","0604":"Columbus Grove Tel. Co.","1756":"Columbus Tel. Co.","0161":"Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Inc.","1262":"Communications 1 Networks, Inc.","0776":"Communications Corp. of Indiana","0672":"Communications Corp. of MI","0809":"Communications Corp. of Southern IN","0015":"Community Service Tel. Co.","2061":"Community Tel. Co.","0542":"Comporium, Inc.","0369":"Comsouth Telecommunications, Inc.","0559":"Concord Tel. Exch., Inc.","0606":"Conneaut Tel. Co.","2072":"Consolidated Communications of Fort Bend Company","0193":"Consolidated Communications of Pennsylvania Company","2109":"Consolidated Communications of Texas Company","1373":"Consolidated Tel. Co.","1532":"Consolidated Tel. Co.","1530":"Consolidated Telco, Inc.","1607":"Consolidated Telcom","1562":"Consolidated Telecom, Inc.","0607":"Continental of Ohio","1136":"Coon Creek Tel. Co.","1137":"Coon Valley Coop. Tel. Assn., Inc.","0868":"Coon Valley Farmers Tel. Co.","1139":"Cooperative Tel. Co.","1303":"Cooperative Tel. Exch.","3006":"Copper Valley Tel. Coop., Inc.","3333":"Copper Valley Telephone, Inc.","3007":"Cordova Tel. Coop., Inc.","1141":"Corn Belt Tel. Co.","1758":"Council Grove Tel. Co.","1534":"Cozad Tel. Co.","1009":"C-R Tel. Co.","0756":"Craigville Tel. Co., Inc.","1818":"Craw-Kan Tel. Coop.,Inc. - KS","1759":"Craw-Kan Tel. Coop.,Inc. - MO","0561":"Crockett Tel. Co., Inc.","1985":"Cross Tel. Co.","1499":"Crosslake Tel. Co.","0993":"Crossville Tel. Co.","0085":"Crown Point Tel. Corp.","0872":"Cuba City Tel. Exch. Co., Inc.","1146":"Cumberland Tel. Co.","2065":"Cumby Tel. Coop., Inc.","1761":"Cunningham Tel. Co., Inc.","1536":"Curtis Tel. Co.","2218":"Custer Tel. Coop., Inc.","1683":"Dakota Central Telecom I, Inc.","1610":"Dakota Central Telecommunications Coop.","1537":"Dalton Tel. Co.","1147":"Danville Mutual Tel. Co.","0358":"Darien Tel. Co., Inc.","0759":"Daviess Martin County Rural Tel. Corp. dba RTC Communications","1699":"Decatur Tel. Co.","0451":"Decatur Tel. Co., Inc.","0691":"Deerfield Farmers Tel. Co.","0562":"Dekalb Tel. Coop.","0428":"Delcambre Tel. Co.","0088":"Delhi Tel. Co.","4433":"Dell Tel. Corp. Inc. - NM","4434":"Dell Tel. Corp. Inc. - TX","2184":"Delta County Tele-Comm, Inc.","0452":"Delta Tel. Co., Inc.","0089":"Deposit Tel. Co., Inc.","1611":"Dickey Rural Tel. Coop.","0875":"Dickeyville Tel. Corp.","1540":"Diller Tel. Co.","758D":"Direct Communications Cedar Valley, LLC","2232":"Direct Communications Rockland, Inc.","1150":"Dixon Tel. Co.","0042":"Dixville Tel. Co.","1988":"Dobson Tel. Co.","0609":"Doylestown Tel. Co.","2291":"Dubois Tel. Exch., Inc.","2313":"Ducor Tel. Co.","1152":"Dumont Tel. Co.","0043":"Dunbarton Tel. Co.","1153":"Dunkerton Tel. Coop.","0091":"Dunkirk & Fredonia Tel. Co.","1381":"Dunnell Tel. Co.","0401":"Duo County Tel. Coop., Inc.","1722":"E. Ritter Tel. Co.","4406":"E.N.M.R. Tel. Coop. - NM","4407":"E.N.M.R. Tel. Coop. - TX","2369":"Eagle Tel. System, Inc.","1383":"Eagle Valley Tel. Co.","0429":"East Ascension Telephone Company, LLC","1156":"East Buchanan Tel. Coop.","1385":"East Otter Tail Tel. Co.","0914":"Eastcoast Telecom, Inc.","1542":"Eastern Nebraska Tel. Co.","2186":"Eastern Slope Rural Tel. Assn., Inc.","2068":"Eastex Tel. Coop., Inc.","1386":"Eckles Tel. Co.","0092":"Edwards Tel. Co., Inc.","1003":"Egyptian Tel. Coop. Assn.","1004":"El Paso Tel. Co.","2069":"Electra Tel. Co, Inc.","0430":"Elizabeth Tel. Co.","1764":"Elkhart Tel. Co., Inc.","2412":"Ellensburg Tel. Co.","0478":"Ellerbe Tel. Co., Inc.","0360":"Ellijay Tel. Co.","1874":"Ellington Tel. Co.","1157":"Ellsworth Coop. Tel. Assn.","1518":"Elsie Communications, Inc.","0340":"Embarq Florida, Inc. (Central) dba CenturyLink","0341":"Embarq Florida, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1456":"Embarq Minnesota, Inc, dba CenturyLink","1812":"Embarq Missouri, Inc. dba CenturyLink - KS","1811":"Embarq Missouri, Inc. dba CenturyLink - MO","2278":"Emery Telephone dba Emery Telcom","1387":"Emily Coop. Tel. Co.","0093":"Empire Tel. Corp.","2070":"Etex Tel. Coop., Inc.","2091":"ETS Telephone Company, Inc.","1160":"F&B Communications, Inc.","0472":"FairPoint Communications Missouri, Inc.","3331":"FairPoint Vermont, Inc.","1876":"Farber Tel. Co.","1166":"Farmers & Merchants Mutual Tel. Co.","1162":"Farmers Coop. Tel. Co.","0879":"Farmers Independent Tel. Co.","1168":"Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.","1169":"Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co.","0694":"Farmers Mutual of Chapin dba Chapin Telephone Co.","0612":"Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","1171":"Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","1173":"Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","1174":"Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","1389":"Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","2221":"Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","1172":"Farmers Mutual Tel. Co. Nora Springs","0880":"Farmers Tel. Co.","1175":"Farmers Tel. Co.","1176":"Farmers Tel. Co.","1177":"Farmers Tel. Co.","2188":"Farmers Tel. Co., Inc.","0520":"Farmers Tel. Coop., Inc.","0290":"Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.","1390":"Federated Tel. Coop.","1391":"Felton Tel. Co., Inc.","1179":"Fenton Coop. Tel. Co.","1882":"Fidelity Tel. Co.","4435":"Filer Mutual Tel. Co. - ID","4436":"Filer Mutual Tel. Co. - NV","0095":"Fishers Island Tel. Corp.","2071":"Five Area Tel. Coop., Inc.","1012":"Flat Rock Tel. Co-Op, Inc.","0406":"Foothills Rural Tel. Coop. Corp.","2318":"Foresthill Tel. Co., Inc.","0521":"Fort Mill Tel. Co.","4409":"Fort Mojave Telecom, Inc. - AZ","1660":"Fort Randall Telephone Company dba Mt. Rushmore Telephone Company","0053":"Franklin Tel. Co.","0454":"Franklin Tel. Co., Inc.","2222":"Fremont Telcom Co.","0944":"Frontier Communications - St. Croix LLC","4321":"Frontier Communications Northwest, Inc. - ID","0306":"Frontier Communications of Alabama, LLC","0072":"Frontier Communications of Ausable Valley, Inc.","0149":"Frontier Communications of Breezewood, LLC","0152":"Frontier Communications of Canton, LLC","0998":"Frontier Communications of Depue, Inc.","0362":"Frontier Communications of Fairmount, LLC","0387":"Frontier Communications of Georgia, LLC","1038":"Frontier Communications of Illinois, Inc.","0750":"Frontier Communications of Indiana, Inc.","1127":"Frontier Communications of Iowa, Inc.","1011":"Frontier Communications of Lakeside, Inc.","0178":"Frontier Communications of Lakewood, LLC","0301":"Frontier Communications of Lamar County, LLC","4417":"Frontier Communications of Michigan, Inc.","4418":"Frontier Communications of Michigan, Inc. - OH","1367":"Frontier Communications of Minnesota, Inc.","0460":"Frontier Communications of Mississippi, Inc.","0912":"Frontier Communications of Mondovi LLC","1061":"Frontier Communications of Mt. Pulaski, Inc.","0100":"Frontier Communications of New York, Inc.","1067":"Frontier Communications of Orion, Inc.","0194":"Frontier Communications of Oswayo River, LLC","0168":"Frontier Communications of Pennsylvania, LLC","0122":"Frontier Communications of Seneca Gorham, Inc.","0128":"Frontier Communications of Sylvan Lake, Inc.","0526":"Frontier Communications of the Carolinas Inc. - SC","1000":"Frontier Communications of the Carolinas, Inc. - IL","4464":"Frontier Communications of the South, LLC - AL","4465":"Frontier Communications of the South, LLC - FL","4419":"Frontier Communications of the Southwest Inc. - AZ","4421":"Frontier Communications of the Southwest Inc. - NV","0828":"Frontier Communications of Thorntown, Inc.","0967":"Frontier Communications of Viroqua LLC","0964":"Frontier Communications of Wisconsin LLC","2344":"Frontier Communications West Coast Inc. - CA","1055":"Frontier Communications-Midland, Inc.","1073":"Frontier Communications-Prairie, Inc.","1079":"Frontier Communications-Schuyler, Inc. - IL","0831":"Frontier Midstates, Inc. - IN","0681":"Frontier Midstates, Inc. - MI","0614":"Ft. Jennings Tel. Co.","0455":"Fulton Tel. Co., Inc.","1057":"Gallatin River Communications dba CenturyLink","2076":"Ganado Tel. Co., Inc.","1395":"Garden Valley Tel. Co.","1396":"Gardonville Coop. Tel. Assn.","0408":"Gearheart Comm. Co., Inc. dba Coalfields Tel. Co.","0771":"Geetingsville Tel. Co., Inc.","1016":"Geneseo Tel. Co.","0456":"Georgetown Tel. Co.","4425":"Georgia Windstream, Inc.","0618":"Germantown Independent Tel. Co.","0097":"Germantown Tel. Co., Inc.","2373":"Gervais Tel. Co.","2179":"Gila River Telecomm, Inc.","0619":"Glandorf Tel. Co., Inc.","1017":"Glasford Tel. Co.","0365":"Glenwood Tel. Co.","1553":"Glenwood Tel. Membership Corp.","1777":"Golden Belt Tel. Assn., Inc.","1659":"Golden West Tel. Coop., Inc. dba Golden West Telecommunications","1188":"Goldfield Tel. Co.","1886":"Goodman Tel. Co.","1778":"Gorham Tel. Co., Inc.","1020":"Grafton Tel. Co.","1399":"Granada Tel. Co.","1887":"Granby Tel. Co.","0036":"Granby Telephone LLC","1191":"Grand Mound Coop. Tel. Assn.","4411":"Grand River Mutual Tel. Co. - IA","4412":"Grand River Mutual Tel. Co. - MO","1994":"Grand Tel. Co., Inc.","1021":"Grandview Mutual Tel. Co.","0039":"Granite State Tel., Inc.","0930":"Grantland Telecom, Inc.","1577":"Great Plains Communications, Inc.","1890":"Green Hills Tel. Corp.","1023":"Gridley Tel. Co.","1615":"Griggs County Tel. Co.","1195":"Griswold Coop. Tel. Co.","0294":"GTC, Inc. - AL","0291":"GTC, Inc. - FL","2083":"Guadalupe Valley Tel. Coop., Inc.","0298":"Gulf Telephone Company dba CenturyLink","2279":"Gunnison Tel. Co.","1781":"H & B Communications, Inc.","0889":"Hager Telecom, Inc.","1401":"Halstad Tel. Co.","1024":"Hamilton County Telephone Co-op","1555":"Hamilton Tel. Co.","0010":"Hampden Tel. Co.","0775":"Hancock Rural Telephone Corporation dba NineStar Connect","0099":"Hancock Tel. Co.","1192":"Hanksville Telcom, Inc. - UT","2321":"Happy Valley Tel. Co.","0259":"Hardy Telecommunications, Inc.","0523":"Hargray Tel. Co., Inc.","1404":"Harmony Tel. Co.","1026":"Harrisonville Tel. Co.","0368":"Hart Tel. Co.","1556":"Hartington Telecommunications Co.","0011":"Hartland & St. Albans Tel. Co.","1557":"Hartman Tel. Exch., Inc.","2417":"Hat Island Tel. Co.","1780":"Haviland Tel. Co., Inc.","1199":"Hawkeye Tel. Co.","2190":"Haxtun Tel. Co.","0299":"Hayneville Tel. Co., Inc.","1297":"Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative - IA","1109":"Heartland Telecommunications Company of Iowa d\/b\/a Enventis","2376":"Helix Tel. Co.","1558":"Hemingford Coop. Tel. Co.","1559":"Henderson Coop. Tel. Co.","1029":"Henry County Tel. Co.","1561":"Hershey Coop. Tel. Co.","0713":"Hiawatha Tel. Co.","0171":"Hickory Tel. Co.","0565":"Highland Tel. Coop, Inc.","4002":"Highland Tel. Coop, Inc.","0237":"Highland Tel. Coop.","2086":"Hill Country Tel. Coop., Inc.","0892":"Hillsboro Tel. Co., Inc.","1995":"Hinton Tel. Co. of Hinton OK, Inc.","3321":"Hollis Telephone Company, Inc.","1929":"Holway Tel. Co.","1032":"Home Tel. Co.","1408":"Home Tel. Co.","2377":"Home Tel. Co.","0777":"Home Tel. Co. of Pittsboro","0778":"Home Tel. Co., Inc.","1782":"Home Tel. Co., Inc.","0527":"Home Telephone ILEC, LLC","2419":"Hood Canal Tel. Co.","1563":"Hooper Tel. Co.","815D":"Hopi Telecommunications Incorporated - AZ","0300":"Hopper Telecommunications LLC","2322":"Hornitos Tel. Co.","0528":"Horry Tel. Coop., Inc.","1202":"Hospers Tel. Exch., Inc.","2241":"Hot Springs Tel. Co.","1203":"Hubbard Coop. Tel. Assn.","3304":"Humboldt Telephone Company","0566":"Humphreys County Tel. Co.","1409":"Hutchinson Tel. Co.","1205":"Huxley Communications Cooperative","1206":"Iamo Tel. Co. - IA","4401":"Iamo Tel. Co. - MO","1037":"Illinois Consolidated Tel. Co.","0936":"Indianhead Tel. Co.","2093":"Industry Tel. Co.","4441":"Inland Tel. Co. - ID","4442":"Inland Tel. Co. - WA","2242":"Interbel Tel. Coop., Inc.","1616":"Inter-Community Telephone Company, LLC","3011":"Interior Tel. Co., Inc.","1209":"Interstate 35 Tel. Co dba Interstate Communications","1654":"Interstate Telecom Coop, Inc. - MN","1651":"Interstate Telecom Coop, Inc. - SD","0175":"Ironton Tel. Co.","0007":"Island Tel. Co.","0677":"Island Tel. Co.","0331":"ITS Telecommun. Systems, Inc.","1785":"J.B.N. Tel. Co., Inc.","1664":"James Valley Cooperative Telephone Company","1212":"Jefferson Tel. Co.","1666":"Jefferson Tel. Co.","1410":"Johnson Tel. Co.","1213":"Jordan-Soldier Valley Telephone Company","1565":"K & M Tel. Co.","1900":"K L M Tel. Co.","2426":"Kalama Tel. Co.","0703":"Kaleva Tel. Co.","0625":"Kalida Tel. Co., Inc.","1214":"Kalona Coop. Tel. Co.","4443":"Kanokla Tel. Assn. - KS","4444":"Kanokla Tel. Assn. - OK","0432":"Kaplan Tel. Co.","1412":"Kasson & Mantorville Tel. Co.","0045":"Kearsarge Tel. Co.","1668":"Kennebec Tel. Co.","2324":"Kerman Tel. Co.","3013":"Ketchikan Public Utilities","1217":"Keystone Farms Coop. Tel. Co.","1567":"Keystone-Arthur Tel. Co.","747C":"Killduff Telephone Company","1901":"Kingdom Tel. Co.","1041":"Kinsman Mutual Tel. Co.","1652":"Knology Community Telephone, Inc.","0371":"Knology of the Valley, Inc.","0295":"Knology Total Communications, Inc.","1791":"La Harpe Tel. Co., Inc.","2263":"La Jicarita Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","1222":"La Motte Tel. Co.","1220":"La Porte City Tel. Co.","0899":"La Valle Tel. Coop.","2103":"La Ward Tel. Exch., Inc.","0177":"Lackawaxen Telecommunications Services, Inc.","0433":"Lafourche Tel. Co.","1043":"Laharpe Tel. Co.","2104":"Lake Livingston Tel. Co.","0896":"Lakefield Tel. Co.","0902":"Lakeland Communications Group, LLC","0457":"Lakeside Tel. Co., Inc.","0531":"Lancaster Tel. Co.","1932":"Lathrop Tel. Co.","0179":"Laurel Highland Tel. Co.","4445":"Lavaca Tel. Co. - AR","4446":"Lavaca Tel. Co. - OK","2264":"Leaco Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","1045":"Leaf River Telephone Co.","1225":"Lehigh Valley Coop. Tel. Assn.","0900":"Lemonweir Valley Tel. Co.","0708":"Lennon Tel. Co.","1046":"Leonore Mutual Tel. Co.","1908":"Le-Ru Tel. Co.","0411":"Leslie County Tel. Co.","2427":"Lewis River Tel. Co., Inc.","0412":"Lewisport Tel. Co., Inc.","0783":"Ligonier Tel. Co., Inc.","2351":"Lincoln County Tel. System, Inc.","2244":"Lincoln Tel. Co., Inc.","0003":"Lincolnville Tel. Co.","2105":"Lipan Tel. Co.","1419":"Lismore Coop. Tel. Co.","0613":"Little Miami Communications, Corp.","2107":"Livingston Tel. Co.","0532":"Lockhart Tel. Co., Inc.","0413":"Logan Tel. Coop., Inc.","1228":"Lone Rock Coop. Tel. Co.","1422":"Lonsdale Tel. Co., Inc.","1443":"Loretel Systems, Inc.","0570":"Loretto Tel. Co., Inc.","1229":"Lost Nation-Elwood Tel. Co.","0058":"Ludlow Tel. Co.","0226":"Lumos Telephone Inc.","0249":"Lumos Telephone of Botetourt Inc.","1232":"Lynnville Telephone Company","1424":"Mabel Coop. Tel. Co. - IA","1421":"Mabel Tel. Coop. Co. - MN","1709":"Madison County Tel. Co., Inc.","1049":"Madison Tel. Co.","1801":"Madison Telephone, LLC - KS","1710":"Magazine Tel. Co.","0183":"Mahanoy & Mahantango Tel. Co.","3312":"Maine Telephone Company","0905":"Manawa Tel. Co., Inc.","1426":"Manchester-Hartland Tel. Co.","1427":"Mankato Citizen's Telephone Company d\/b\/a Enventis","2282":"Manti Tel. Co.","0104":"Margaretville Tel. Co., Inc.","0185":"Marianna-Scenery Hill Tel. Co.","1914":"Mark Twain Rural Tel. Co.","1237":"Marne & Elk Horn Tel. Co.","0908":"Marquette-Adams Tel. Coop., Inc.","1050":"Marseilles Tel. Co. of Marseilles","1238":"Martelle Coop. Tel. Assn.","2431":"Mashell Telecom, Inc.","1239":"Massena Tel. Co.","3015":"Matanuska Tel. Assn., Inc.","0533":"McClellanville Tel. Co., Inc.","0598":"McClure Tel. Co.","2430":"McDaniel Tel. Co.","1912":"McDonald County Tel. Co.","1047":"McDonough Tel. Coop.","2006":"McLoud Tel. Co.","1048":"McNabb Tel. Co.","0485":"Mebtel, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1241":"Mechanicsville Tel. Co.","1251":"Mediapolis Tel. Co.","2008":"Medicine Park Tel. Co.","1430":"Melrose Tel. Co.","0788":"Merchants & Farmers Tel. Co.","0047":"Merrimack County Tel. Co.","3320":"Merrimack County Tel. Co. dba Contoocook Valley Tel. Co.","1231":"Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc. - NM","1053":"Metamora Tel. Co.","0238":"MGW Telephone Company, Inc.","785G":"Michigan Central Broadband Company, LLC","3700":"Micronesian Telecommunications Corporation","1054":"Mid Century Tel. Coop., Inc.","1433":"Mid State Tel. Co.","1413":"Mid State Tel. Co. dba KMP Tel. Co.","2010":"Mid-America Tel., Inc.","1375":"Mid-Communications, Inc. d\/b\/a Enventis","0633":"Middle Point Home Tel. Co.","0105":"Middleburgh Tel. Co.","3315":"Mid-Maine Telecom LLC","2112":"Mid-Plains Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","0881":"Mid-Plains Tel., Inc.","2246":"Mid-Rivers Tel. Coop., Inc.","1638":"Midstate Communications, Inc.","1670":"Midstate Communications, Inc.","1617":"Midstate Tel. Co.","4490":"Midvale Telephone Exchange, Inc. - AZ","4439":"Midvale Telephone Exchange, Inc. - ID","0711":"Midway Tel. Co.","0909":"Midway Tel. Co.","1431":"Midwest Tel. Co.","1242":"Miles Coop. Tel. Assn.","1920":"Miller Tel. Co., Inc.","0571":"Millington Tel. Co., Inc.","0304":"Millry Tel. Co.","1245":"Minburn Tel. Co.","1158":"Minburn Telecommunications, Inc.","1246":"Minerva Valley Tel. Co., Inc.","0634":"Minford Tel. Co.","1439":"Minnesota Valley Tel. Co., Inc.","587A":"Missouri Valley Communications, Inc.","2353":"Moapa Valley Tel. Co.","1247":"Modern Coop. Tel. Co.","4447":"Mo-Kan Dial, Inc. - KS","4448":"Mo-Kan Dial, Inc. - MO","2383":"Molalla Tel. Co.","0305":"Mon-Cre Tel. Coop., Inc.","2384":"Monitor Coop. Tel. Co.","0790":"Monon Tel. Co., Inc.","2385":"Monroe Tel. Co.","1058":"Montrose Mutual Tel. Co.","0915":"Mosinee Tel. Co.","1060":"Moultrie Independent Tel. Co.","0462":"Mound Bayou Tel. and Communications, Inc.","1808":"Moundridge Tel. Co.","0307":"Moundville Tel. Co.","0414":"Mountain Rural Tel. Coop. Corp., Inc.","1712":"Mountain View Telephone Company","2386":"Mt. Angel Tel. Co.","0916":"Mt. Horeb Tel. Co.","0917":"Mt. Vernon Tel. Co.","2227":"Mud Lake Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc.","2116":"Muenster Telephone Corp. of Texas dba Nortex Communications","3016":"Mukluk Tel. Co., Inc.","0792":"Mulberry Coop. Tel. Co., Inc.","1252":"Mutual Tel. Co.","1809":"Mutual Tel. Co.","1250":"Mutual Tel. Co. of Morning Sun","0449":"Myrtle Tel. Co., Inc.","0286":"National Telephone of Alabama, Inc.","4449":"Navajo Communications Company, Inc. dba Frontier Navajo Communications","4450":"Navajo Communications Company, Inc. dba Frontier Navajo Communications","4451":"Navajo Communications Company, Inc. dba Frontier Navajo Communications Company","1574":"Nebraska Central Tel. Co.","2387":"Nehalem Telecommunications, Inc. dba Nehalem Tel & Tel","0918":"Nelson Communications Cooperative","0375":"Nelson-Ball Ground Tel. Co.","4452":"Nemont Tel. Coop., Inc. - MT","4453":"Nemont Tel. Coop., Inc. - ND","3029":"New Castle Tel. Co.","1927":"New Florence Tel. Co., Inc.","0308":"New Hope Tel. Coop.","0239":"New Hope Telephone Cooperative","0639":"New Knoxville Tel. Co.","0796":"New Lisbon Tel. Co., Inc.","1928":"New London Tel. Co.","0797":"New Paris Tel., Inc.","1442":"New ULM Telecom, Inc.","1062":"New Windsor Tel. Co.","0107":"Newport Tel. Co., Inc.","0920":"Niagara Tel. Co.","0108":"Nicholville Tel. Co., Inc.","4001":"North Central Tel. Coop.","0573":"North Central Tel. Coop., Inc.","3026":"North Country Tel. Co.","1447":"North Dakota Telephone Co.","0191":"North Eastern Pennsylvania Tel. Co.","1257":"North English Coop. Tel. Co.","0192":"North Penn Tel. Co.","0491":"North State Tel. Co. dba North State Communications","2043":"North Texas Tel. Co.","0335":"Northeast Florida Tel. Co., Inc.","1230":"Northeast Iowa Tel. Co.","0435":"Northeast Louisiana Tel. Co., Inc.","1931":"Northeast Missouri Rural Tel. Co.","1576":"Northeast Nebraska Tel. Co.","0938":"Northeast Tel. Co.","1713":"Northern Arkansas Tel. Co.","1259":"Northern Iowa Tel. Co.","1500":"Northern Tel. Co. of Minnesota","2248":"Northern Tel. Coop., Inc.","0061":"Northfield Tel. Co.","3316":"Northland Telephone of ME, Inc.","2388":"North-State Tel. Co.","1625":"Northwest Communications Coop.","1260":"Northwest Iowa Telephone, LLC","1261":"Northwest Tel. Coop. Assn.","0800":"Northwestern Indiana Tel. Co., Inc.","0535":"Norway Tel. Co., Inc.","0644":"Nova Tel. Co.","0461":"Noxapater Tel. Co., Inc.","2193":"Nucla-Naturita Tel. Co.","2194":"Nunn Tel. Co.","3018":"Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative, Inc.","0311":"Oakman Tel. Co., Inc.","0645":"Oakwood Telephone Co.","1065":"Odin Tel. Exch., Inc.","0714":"Ogden Tel. Co.","1263":"Ogden Tel. Co.","0110":"Ogden Telelephone Company dba Frontier Ogden Telephone Company","1984":"Oklahoma Communication System, Inc.","2014":"Oklahoma Western Tel. Co.","2011":"Oklahoma Windstream, Inc.","2013":"Oklatel Communications, Inc.","1264":"Olin Tel. Co., Inc.","0111":"Oneida County Rural Tel. Co.","1066":"Oneida Tel. Exch.","1265":"Onslow Coop. Tel. Assn.","0112":"Ontario Telephone Company, Inc.","0717":"Ontonagon County Tel. Co.","1266":"Oran Mutual Tel. Co.","1934":"Orchard Farm Tel. Co.","1935":"Oregon Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.","2389":"Oregon Tel. Corp.","4488":"Oregon-Idaho Utilities, Inc. - ID","4489":"Oregon-Idaho Utilities, Inc.- OR","0114":"Oriskany Falls Tel. Corp.","0649":"Orwell Tel. Co.","1448":"Osakis Tel. Co.","1917":"Otelco Mid-Missouri LLC","0312":"Otelco Telephone, LLC","0650":"Ottoville Mutual Tel. Co.","3019":"OTZ Tel. Coop., Inc.","0019":"Oxford County Tel. & Tel. Co.","3314":"Oxford West Telephone Company","1866":"Ozark Telephone Company","1270":"Palmer Mutual Tel. Co.","0196":"Palmerton Tel. Co.","0536":"Palmetto Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","1269":"Palo Coop. Tel. Assn.","2016":"Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc.","1271":"Panora Communications Cooperative","1450":"Park Region Mutual Tel. Co.","1187":"Partner Communications Cooperative","0116":"Pattersonville Tel. Co.","0651":"Pattersonville Tel. Co.","1451":"Paul Bunyan Rural Tel. Coop.","0539":"PBT Telecom, Inc.","1936":"Peace Valley Tel. Co.","2196":"Peetz Coop. Tel. Co.","0376":"Pembroke Tel. Co., Inc.","0243":"Pembroke Tel. Coop.","2270":"Penasco Valley Tel. Coop., Inc.","2418":"Pend Oreille Telephone Company","0197":"Pennsylvania Tel. Co.","0244":"Peoples Mutual Tel. Co.","0415":"Peoples Rural Tel. Coop. Corp.","0576":"Peoples Tel. Co.","1273":"Peoples Tel. Co.","1453":"Peoples Tel. Co.","2391":"Peoples Tel. Co.","0314":"Peoples Tel. Co., Inc.","2130":"Peoples Tel. Coop.","1814":"Peoples Telecommunications, LLC - KS","0062":"Perkinsville Tel. Co.","0807":"Perry-Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. dba PSC","2197":"Phillips County Tel. Co.","0538":"Piedmont Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","1581":"Pierce Tel. Co.","0721":"Pigeon Tel. Co.","0315":"Pine Belt Tel. Co., Inc.","2198":"Pine Drive Tel. Co.","1454":"Pine Island Tel. Co.","2017":"Pine Tel. Co.","2392":"Pine Tel. System","0020":"Pine Tree Telephone LLC","0377":"Pineland Tel. Coop., Inc.","0494":"Pineville Tel. Co.","2346":"Pinnacles Tel. Co.","1817":"Pioneer Tel. Assn., Inc.","2437":"Pioneer Tel. Co.","2018":"Pioneer Tel. Coop., Inc.","2393":"Pioneer Tel. Cooperative","2199":"Plains Coop. Tel. Assn., Inc.","1582":"Plainview Tel. Co., Inc.","0379":"Plant Tel. Co.","0378":"Planters Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","2131":"Poka-Lambro Tel. Coop., Inc.","1630":"Polar Commun Mutual Aid Corp.","2332":"Ponderosa Tel. Co.","0118":"Port Byron Tel. Co.","2230":"Potlatch Tel. Co., Inc.","2020":"Pottawatomie Tel. Co.","1718":"Prairie Grove Telephone Company","1344":"Prairie Tel. Co., Inc.","1275":"Prairieburg Tel. Co., Inc.","1276":"Preston Tel. Co.","0937":"Price County Tel. Co.","0380":"Progressive Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","2231":"Project Mutual Tel. Coop. Assn., Inc.","2250":"Project Tel. Co., Inc.","0381":"Public Service Tel. Co.","0813":"Pulaski-White Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","0200":"Pymatuning Independent Tel. Co.","4454":"Quincy Tel. Co. - FL","4455":"Quincy Tel. Co. - GA","5162":"Qwest Corporation - Idaho","1277":"Radcliffe Tel. Co., Inc.","0316":"Ragland Tel. Co., Inc.","1820":"Rainbow Telecommunications Association, Inc.","0496":"Randolph Tel. Membership Corp.","4456":"Range Tel. Coop., Inc. - MT","4457":"Range Tel. Coop., Inc. - WY","1662":"RC Communications, Inc.","1278":"Readlyn Tel. Co.","739D":"Reasnor Telephone Company, LLC","4300":"Red River Rural Tel. Assn. dba Red River Communications - MN","1631":"Red River Rural Tel. Assn. dba Red River Communications - ND","1472":"Redwood County Tel. Co.","1632":"Reservation Tel. Coop.","0438":"Reserve Tel. Co.","1075":"Reynolds Tel. Co., Inc.","0870":"Rhinelander Telephone LLC dba Frontier Rhinelander Telephone Company","1721":"Rice Belt Tel. Co.","0942":"Richland-Grant Tel. Coop., Inc.","0037":"Richmond Tel. Co.","2201":"Rico Tel. Co.","0654":"Ridgeville Tel. Co.","0541":"Ridgeway Tel. Co., Inc.","0382":"Ringgold Tel. Co.","1280":"Ringsted Tel. Co.","2356":"Rio Virgin Tel. Co., Inc.","1189":"River Valley Telecommunications Coop.","0943":"Riverside Telcom, Inc.","2134":"Riviera Tel. Co., Inc.","0317":"Roanoke Tel. Co., Inc.","1674":"Roberts County Tel. Coop. Assn.","0815":"Rochester Tel. Co., Inc.","1586":"Rock County Tel. Co.","1942":"Rock Port Tel. Co.","1282":"Rockwell Coop. Tel. Assn.","2202":"Roggen Tel. Coop. Co.","2252":"Ronan Tel. Co.","2375":"Roome Telecommunications, Inc.","2272":"Roosevelt County Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","1474":"Rothsay Tel. Co., Inc.","1283":"Royal Tel. Co.","3410":"RT Communications","1475":"Runestone Tel. Assn. dba Runestone Telecom Association","4404":"Rural Tel. Co. - ID","4405":"Rural Tel. Co. - NV","1826":"Rural Tel. Service Co., Inc. dba Nex-Tech","2203":"Rye Tel. Co., Inc.","1829":"S & A Tel. Co., Inc.","1827":"S & T Tel. Coop. Assn.","0816":"S & W Tel. Co., Inc.","1285":"Sac County Mutual Tel. Co.","0022":"Saco River Telephone LLC","1476":"Sacred Heart Tel. Co.","340E":"Sacred Wind Communications, Inc.","7991":"Saddleback Communications Company - AZ","0417":"Salem Tel. Co.","2022":"Salina-Spavinaw Tel. Co.","0498":"Saluda Mountain Tel. Co.","2169":"San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility, Inc.","0725":"Sand Creek Tel. Co.","0546":"Sandhill Tel. Coop., Inc.","3021":"Sandwich Isles Communications, Inc.","4458":"Santa Rosa Tel. Coop., Inc. - OK","4459":"Santa Rosa Tel. Coop., Inc. - TX","1676":"Santel Communications Cooperative, Inc. - SD","0945":"Scandinavia Tel. Co.","1291":"Schaller Tel. Co.","2397":"SCIO Mutual Tel. Co.","0248":"Scott County Tel. Coop., Inc.","3031":"Scott County Telephone Co.","1479":"Scott Rice Tel. Co. dba Integra Telecom","1294":"Scranton Tel. Co.","1292":"Searsboro Tel. Co., Inc.","1945":"Seneca Tel. Co.","0500":"Service Tel. Co.","1293":"Sharon Tel. Co.","0946":"Sharon Tel. Co. - WI","1025":"Shawnee Tel. Co.","1295":"Shell Rock Tel. Co.","0250":"Shenandoah Tel. Co.","1482":"Sherburne County Rural Tel. Co.","0656":"Sherwood Mutual Tel. Assn., Inc.","0726":"Shiawassee Tel. Co.","2023":"Shidler Tel. Co.","0064":"Shoreham Telephone LLC","3313":"Sidney Telephone Co.","2338":"Sierra Tel. Co., Inc.","4460":"Silver Star Tel. Co., Inc. - ID","4461":"Silver Star Tel. Co., Inc. - WY","0949":"Siren Tel. Co., Inc.","2339":"Siskiyou Tel. Co.","0501":"Skyline Tel. Membership Corp.","2283":"Skyline Telecom","581D":"Skyline Telecom Company - WA","0466":"Sledge Tel. Co., Inc.","1483":"Sleepy Eye Tel. Co.","0330":"Smart City Telecommunications, LLC dba Smart City Telecom","0818":"Smithville Communications, Inc. dba Smithville Telephone Company","0467":"Smithville Tel. Co., Inc.","1590":"Sodtown Tel. Co.","0024":"Somerset Tel. Co.","0951":"Somerset Tel. Co., Inc.","1702":"South Arkansas Tel. Co., Inc.","0204":"South Canaan Tel. Co.","1094":"South Central Communications, Inc.","0418":"South Central Rural Tel. Coop. Corp., Inc.","4462":"South Central Tel. Assn., Inc. - KS","4463":"South Central Tel. Assn., Inc. - OK","2286":"South Central Utah Tel. Assn., Inc.","2195":"South Park Telephone Company","2143":"South Plains Tel. Coop., Inc.","1298":"South Slope Coop. Tel. Co., Inc.","3301":"Southeast Mississippi Tel. Co.","1591":"Southeast Nebraska Communications, Inc.","0952":"Southeast Tel. Co. of Wisconsin, Inc.","0819":"Southeastern Indiana Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","1833":"Southern Kansas Tel. Co., Inc.","2254":"Southern Montana Tel. Co.","1724":"Southwest Arkansas Tel. Coop., Inc.","2025":"Southwest Oklahoma Tel. Co.","1301":"Southwest Tel. Exch., Inc.","2135":"Southwest Texas Tel. Co.","2174":"Southwestern Tel. Co.","1151":"Spectra Communications Group, LLC dba CenturyLink","1485":"Spring Grove Communications","0953":"Spring Valley Tel. Co., Inc.","0728":"Springport Tel. Co.","1302":"Springville Coop. Tel. Assn., Inc.","0257":"Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Tel. Co.","3303":"SRT Communications, Inc.","2442":"St. John Tel. Co.","2396":"St. Paul Coop. Tel. Assn.","0544":"St. Stephen Tel. Co.","0025":"Standish Tel. Co.","1592":"Stanton Telecom, Inc.","0441":"Star Tel. Co., Inc.","0502":"Star Tel. Membership Corp.","1487":"Starbuck Tel. Co.","0955":"State Long Distance Tel. Co.","0125":"State Tel. Co.","2399":"Stayton Coop. Tel. Co.","1949":"Steelville Tel. Exch., Inc.","1092":"Stelle Tel. Co.","0954":"Stockbridge & Sherwood Tel. Co.","2206":"Stoneham Coop. Tel. Co.","1951":"Stoutland Tel. Co.","2207":"Strasburg Tel. Co.","1305":"Stratford Mutual Tel. Co.","0206":"Sugar Valley Tel. Co.","1306":"Sully Tel. Assn.","3028":"Summit Tel","4466":"Sunflower Tel. Co., Inc. - CO","4467":"Sunflower Tel. Co., Inc. - KS","0825":"Sunman Telecommunications Corporation","1307":"Superior Tel. Coop.","2334":"SureWest Telephone","0503":"Surry Tel. Membership Corp.","0826":"Swayzee Tel. Co., Inc.","0827":"Sweetser Rural Tel. Co., Inc.","0658":"Sycamore Tel. Co.","3334":"Table Top Telephone Company","0084":"Taconic Tel. Corp.","2150":"Tatum Tel. Co.","2151":"Taylor Tel. Coop., Inc.","3411":"TCT West","0659":"Tel Service Co.","3800":"TeleGuam Holdings, LLC","1155":"Telephone USA of Wisconsin, LLC dba CenturyLink","0578":"Tellico Tel. Co., Inc.","1308":"Templeton Tel. Co.","2446":"Tenino Tel. Co.","0575":"Tennessee Tel. Co.","0958":"Tenney Tel. Co.","2029":"Terral Tel. Co.","1309":"Terril Telephone Cooperative","2153":"Texas Windstream, Inc.","0419":"Thacker\/Grigsby Tel. Co.","0594":"The Champaign Telephone Company","1384":"The Easton Telephone Company","2187":"The El Paso County Telephone Company","0209":"The United Telephone Company of Pennsylvania LLC dba CenturyLink","0506":"The United Telephone Company of the Carolinas LLC dba CenturyLink","1525":"Three River Telco","3311":"Tidewater Telecom, Inc.","0829":"Tipton Tel. Co., Inc.","1310":"Titonka Tel. Co. dba Titonka-Burt Communications","2173":"Tohono O'Odham Utility Authority","2447":"Toledo Tel. Co., Inc.","1086":"Tonica Tel. Co.","0068":"Topsham Tel. Co.","4468":"Totah Communications, Inc. - KS","4469":"Totah Communications, Inc. - OK","2060":"Totelcom Communications, LLC","0129":"Township Tel. Co., Inc.","2378":"Trans-Cascades Tel. Co.","0389":"Trenton Tel. Co.","2257":"Triangle Tel. Coop. Assn., Inc.","1839":"Tri-County Tel. Assn., Inc.","2296":"Tri-County Tel. Assn., Inc.","0830":"Tri-County Tel. Co., Inc.","1726":"Tri-County Tel. Co., Inc.","0960":"Tri-County Tel. Coop., Inc.","0505":"Tri-County Tel. Membership Corp.","1669":"TrioTel Communications, Inc.","0131":"Trumansburg Telephone Company, Inc.","2265":"Tularosa Basin Telephone Co., Inc.","1678":"Turtle Mountain Commun., Inc.","0579":"Twin Lakes Tel. Coop. Corp.","1840":"Twin Valley Tel., Inc.","1491":"Twin Valley-Ulen Tel. Co., Inc.","2287":"UBTA-UBET Communications, Inc. dba Strata Networks","0027":"Union River Tel. Co.","0322":"Union Springs Tel. Co., Inc.","0049":"Union Tel. Co.","0962":"Union Tel. Co.","2297":"Union Tel. Co.","1316":"United Farmers Tel. Co.","4530":"United Tel Co of the West dba CenturyLink - NE","1841":"United Tel. Assn., Inc.","0832":"United Tel. Co. of Indiana, Inc. dba CenturyLink","1842":"United Tel. Co. of Kansas dba CenturyLink","0138":"United Tel. Co. of New Jersey dba CenturyLink","0661":"United Tel. Co. of Ohio dba CenturyLink","4531":"United Tel. Co. of the West dba CenturyLink of the West - WY","1636":"United Tel. Mutual Aid Corp.","4521":"United Telephone - Northwest dba CenturyLink - WA","4520":"United Telephone - Northwest dba CenturyLink - OR","0581":"United Telephone Company dba United Communications","1810":"United Telephone Company of Eastern Kansas dba CenturyLink","2084":"United Telephone Company of Texas, Inc. dba CenturyLink","4510":"United Telephone Southeast LLC dba CenturyLink -TN","4511":"United Telephone Southeast LLC dba CenturyLink - VA","3023":"United Utilities, Inc.","1449":"United-Kuc, Inc. - AK","0029":"Unity Tel. Co., Inc.","0732":"Upper Peninsula Tel. Co.","1494":"Upsala Coop. Tel. Assn.","0963":"Utelco, Inc.","1495":"Valley Tel. Co.","2159":"Valley Tel. Coop., Inc.","4470":"Valley Tel. Coop., Inc. - AZ","4471":"Valley Tel. Coop., Inc. - NM","1685":"Valley Telecom Coop. Assn., Inc.","0324":"Valley Telephone Co., LLC","2032":"Valliant Tel. Co.","1164":"Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LP - NM #1 dba Windstream Communications Southwest","1193":"Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LP - NM #2 dba Windstream Communictions Southwest","1165":"Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LP - OK dba Windstream Communications Southwest","1163":"Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LP - TX #1 dba Windstream Communications Southwest","1181":"Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LP - TX #2 dba Windstream Communications Southwest","1319":"Van Buren Tel. Co., Inc.","1320":"Van Horne Coop. Tel. Co.","0662":"Vanlue Tel. Co.","0663":"Vaughnsville Tel. Co., Inc.","1322":"Ventura Tel. Co., Inc.","1680":"Venture Communications Cooperative","0210":"Venus Tel. Corp.","0170":"Verizon North, Inc. - PA (Contel)","0201":"Verizon North, Inc. - PA (Quaker St)","4337":"Verizon South, Inc. - VA","3332":"Vermont Telephone Co., Inc.","0133":"Vernon Tel. Co., Inc.","0966":"Vernon Tel. Coop.","1324":"Villisca Farmers Tel. Co.","1087":"Viola Home Tel. Co.","3300":"Virgin Islands Telephone Corporation dba Innovative Telephone","0253":"Virginia Tel. Co.","2343":"Volcano Tel. Co.","0664":"Wabash Mutual Tel. Co.","1088":"Wabash Tel. Coop., Inc.","0069":"Waitsfield-Fayston Telephone Co., Inc.","0734":"Waldron Tel. Co.","1729":"Walnut Hill Tel. Co.","1326":"Walnut Tel. Co.","1845":"Wamego Tel. Co., Inc.","0258":"War Telephone LLC","0031":"Warren Tel. Co.","0834":"Washington County Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","0968":"Waunakee Tel. Co.","1597":"Wauneta Tel. Co.","0392":"Waverly Hall Telephone, LLC","1327":"Webb-Dickens Tel. Corp.","1328":"Webster-Calhoun Coop. Tel. Assn.","1329":"Wellman Coop. Tel. Assn.","0550":"West Carolina Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","1501":"West Central Tel. Assn.","1331":"West Iowa Tel. Co.","0421":"West Kentucky Rural Tel","598B":"West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.","1332":"West Liberty Tel. Co.","0034":"West Penobscot Tel. & Tel. Co","0480":"West Plains Telecommunications, Inc.","0837":"West Point Tel. Co., Inc.","1689":"West River Cooperative Telephone Company","4413":"West River Telecommunications Coop. - ND","4414":"West River Telecommunications Coop. - SD","1671":"West River Telecommunications Coop. (Mobridge) - SD","4474":"West Side Tel. Co. - PA","4475":"West Side Tel. Co. - WV","0583":"West Tennessee Tel. Co., Inc.","2166":"West Texas Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","0971":"West Wisconsin Telcom Coop., Inc.","1334":"Western Iowa Tel. Assn.","2268":"Western New Mexico Tel. Co., Inc.","1502":"Western Tel. Co.","1688":"Western Tel. Co.","2451":"Western Wahkiakum County Tel. Co.","2168":"Wes-Tex Telephone Coop., Inc.","580D":"Westgate Communications, LLC dba WeavTel - WA","0735":"Westphalia Tel. Co.","1335":"Westside Independent Tel. Co.","1847":"Wheat State Tel., Inc.","2452":"Whidbey Tel. Co.","2209":"Wiggins Tel. Assn.","1505":"Wikstrom Tel. Co., Inc.","1348":"Wilderness Valley Telephone Company","0394":"Wilkes Tel. & Elec. Co., Inc.","0510":"Wilkes Tel. Membership Corp.","2210":"Willard Tel. Co.","0551":"Williston Tel. Co.","1849":"Wilson Tel. Co., Inc.","0050":"Wilton Tel. Co.","1336":"Wilton Tel. Co.","0395":"Windstream Accucomm Telecommunications, Inc.","0302":"Windstream Alabama, Inc.","1691":"Windstream Arkansas, Inc.","0151":"Windstream Buffalo Valley, Inc.","2097":"Windstream Communications Kerrville, L.P.","0474":"Windstream Concord Telephone Inc.","0162":"Windstream Conestoga, Inc.","0165":"Windstream D&E, Inc.","0336":"Windstream Florida, Inc.","4332":"Windstream Georgia Communications Corp.","0364":"Windstream Georgia Telephone, Inc.","0357":"Windstream Georgia, Inc.","1178":"Windstream Iowa Communications, Inc.","1167":"Windstream Iowa Communications, Inc. - North","1170":"Windstream Iowa Communications, Inc. - Systems","9691":"Windstream Kentucky East, Inc. - London","0402":"Windstream Kentucky West, Inc.","1414":"Windstream Lakedale, Inc.","0483":"Windstream Lexcom Communications, Inc.","0453":"Windstream Mississippi, Inc.","1885":"Windstream Missouri, Inc.","1248":"Windstream Montezuma, Inc.","0106":"Windstream New York, Inc. - Fulton","0109":"Windstream New York, Inc. - Jamestown","0113":"Windstream New York, Inc. - Red Jacket","0476":"Windstream North Carolina, Inc.","1965":"Windstream Oklahoma, Inc.","0176":"Windstream Pennsylvania, Inc.","0517":"Windstream South Carolina, Inc.","0386":"Windstream Standard, Inc.","2147":"Windstream Sugar Land, Inc.","0666":"Windstream Western Reserve, Inc.","0737":"Winn Tel. Co.","1337":"Winnebago Coop. Tel. Assn. - IA","1338":"Winnebago Coop. Tel. Assn. - MN","1507":"Winsted Tel. Co.","2323":"Winterhaven Tel. Co.","1508":"Winthrop Tel. Co.","0973":"Wittenberg Tel. Co.","0738":"Wolverine Tel. Co.","1512":"Wolverton Tel. Co. - MN","1509":"Wolverton Tel. Co. - ND","0974":"Wood County Tel. Co.","1091":"Woodhull Community Tel. Co.","1510":"Woodstock Tel. Co.","1342":"Woolstock Mutual Tel. Assn.","2034":"Wyandotte Tel. Co.","1343":"Wyoming Mutual Tel. Co.","2170":"Xit Rural Tel. Coop., Inc.","0511":"Yadkin Valley Tel. Membership Corp.","2453":"Ycom Networks, Inc.","1733":"Yelcot Tel. Co.","0839":"Yeoman Tel. Co., Inc.","3025":"Yukon Tel. Co., Inc.","0215":"Yukon-Waltz Tel. Co.","1852":"Zenda Tel. Co., Inc.","1515":"Zumbrota Tel. Co."}