Setting 5G standards
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Learn how 5G standards are set. Verizon has an explanation of the 3GPP 5G standards and how they impact the overall future of 5G technology.

Beyond sight and sound: Advanced wearables and 5G will make VR feel real.
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A new form of haptics lets you touch VR objects with convincing realism. Now this technology is merging with robotics and 5G to enable capabilities that were once limited to the realm of science fiction.

Perks for Our Patriots:  Wireless and FiOS Savings, Plus Career Opportunities
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Verizon’s military discounts site shows everything you need to know about Wireless offers, FiOS savings and military career opportunities, all in one place, making it simple for service members and veterans to discover what Verizon has to offer.

5G Speed: How Fast is 5G?
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5G is the fastest cellular network technology ever developed. Learn just how much faster Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network is compared to 4G LTE at

BYOD: How to bring your own device, phone, tablet, smart watch & switch
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Here is a quick summary on what to do if you break your phone and need to switch to a new one and an explanation of how to easily switch Verizon.

Benefits of 5G: Advantages and features
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Learn about the benefits of 5G with Verizon. 5G’s advantages extend beyond just cell phone service and into telecom, public safety, healthcare and more.