5G Technology

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Marie McGehee sat down with Hans Vestberg to discuss his vision for a connected world, 5G, and the role Verizon will play in leading the next tech revolution.

Watch Video about One Touch Make Ready

One-Touch Make-Ready makes it easier to attach broadband network equipment to utility poles.

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Verizon and Ericsson reached another milestone that will serve as a stepping stone to 5G technology by completing their first deployment of FDD Massive MIMO.


Verizon, Qualcomm and Novatel Wireless today announced plans to collaborate on 5G New Radio millimeter wave technology development and over-the air field trials.

Photo of Nikki Palmer at Mobile World Congress

Verizon was there in full force, with our leaders and executives participating in discussions, fireside chats and keynote speeches throughout the week.

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A Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Here’s how 5G will make the world safer, faster and more efficient.


Verizon and Ericsson will showcase technology milestones and use cases demonstrating continued industry leadership as LTE evolves, paving the way to 5G.


Verizon has invested nearly a half billion dollars in its network in the Chicago area, winning #1 in overall network performance as well as data and speed by RootMetrics®.


Verizon Smart Communities executive, Lani Ingram, discusses public-private partnership with Sacramento Mayor Steinberg at the US Conference of Mayors.


This week, Washington caught a glimpse of what’s possible with 5G wireless as Verizon’s 5G Experience Bus made a stop in the nation’s capital.