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Verizon Media XR Summit

Industry leaders, academics and advocates join together to ensure that the future of mixed-reality technologies are accessible to people with disabilities.

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Verizon Media celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day with continued investment in digital access and inclusion for people with disabilities.


Verizon Media is building the future of media, and making our products and brands accessible for our customers with disabilities.


People with disabilities make up 20 percent of the population, but are represented in only 2 percent of the images we see in the media. That needs to change.

Verizon and Deaf Blind Citizens Action Workshop

Our panelists outlined how new technologies are poised to address many pervasive challenges facing people with disabilities.

Watch Video Verizon and Deafblind Citizens Action host youth advocacy workshop

5G and IoT will create new and exciting opportunities for accessibility providing people with disabilities new levels of personal and professional freedom


Sesame Enable makes using touch-sensitive smartphones a piece of cake for users with physical disabilities.


Rhonda Bingel, a supervisor of business operations for public policy and law at Verizon, says that her disability does not define her.

Talkitt App

How a smartphone app offers a way for users to communicate with loved ones affected by speech or language disorders.


How mobile technology’s convenience and usability helps bring previously-unconnected senior citizens online.