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Emergency Preparedness

Lynn Haven WECC

For customers in nine Panhandle counties receiving three months of free service following Hurricane Michael, wewant to answer your questions about what to expect and when.

Emergency preparation contacts and safety tips from Verizon

As bad weather approaches, Verizon engineers and technicians prepare the network to ensure you can connect when you need to most.


Verizon customers in the U.S. can stay connected with family and friends in Mexico affected by Hurricane Willa with three days of free calls and texting from Oct. 23-25.

Hurricane Network Hero

Hurricane Michael network updates from Verizon Wireless

Fiber Restoration

Verizon services are up and running after Hurricane Michael.


As recovery work continues in Florida, Verizon expands 3 months of free monthly access to customers in 9 counties most heavily impacted by Hurricane Michael; $1M to relief efforts.

Verizon WECC at Marianna, FL

As our recovery work continues in Florida every Verizon customer in Bay and Gulf counties, Florida will receive three months of free mobile service from Verizon.


The offer is now being extended through October 21 for customers in the hardest hit areas of the Florida Panhandle.


With Michael forecasted to hit the northeastern Gulf Coast, Verizon is already committed to provide free calling, texting and data to its customers in the most impacted areas.

Verizon Hurricane Preparedness

Verizon is prepared for the 2018 hurricane season – are you?