Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane Florence

Verizon is ready to serve our customers and communities impacted by Hurricane Florence as well as first responders in eight states preparing to assist in the emergency efforts.


Verizon is giving free calling, text and data to its postpaid and prepaid customers who reside in Hawaii to help as historic storm challenges the Aloha State.

California wildfires and Hurricane Lane

Verizon removes all speed cap restrictions for first responders on the west coast and in Hawaii to support current firefighting and Hurricane Lane efforts.

Wildfire data relief

In Ars Technica and other publications, it's alleged Verizon throttled data service to a CA firefighter during a recent forest fire. Some say this is a net neutrality violation.

Russell Kaye

Verizon and Nokia are hosting Operation Convergent Response, a live scenario event that puts the latest crisis response innovations in first responders' hands to help save lives.

Wildfire data relief

Verizon offers free unlimited talk, text, data for customers impacted by Northern California wildfires

Verizon MERIT hazmat team

A specialized team of Verizon engineers called MERIT, Major Emergency Response Incident Team, responds to hazardous material incidents.


Verizon joins industry and public safety leaders in announcing its support for the Public Safety Technology Alliance (PSTA).

Image of Wind and Rain Test

See why Verizon networks are Best for a Good Reason

Satellite Picocell on a Trailer (SPOT) deployed in Old Ellicott City following 2018 historic flooding.

Verizon is supporting Ellicott City. MD following historic flooding by offering bill relief, network equipment, and free charging.