Emergency Preparedness

Verizon offers data relief for customers in areas impacted by Northern CA wildfires

For customers in qualified counties in Northern California, Verizon Wireless is saying, "We've got your back." From October 10 through October 12, Verizon is giving postpaid c

Verizon trucks

Verizon supports public safety and our communities in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes in TX and FL.

Puerto Rico

The company is pledging $5 Million as a show of support for the residents of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Verizon today announced support for the residents of Puerto Rico through a $1 million pledge to fund Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

Hurricane Maria

English and Spanish text summarizes free viewing through 9/29 for Fios TV customers of live broadcasts from two stations in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Customers in Mexico will receive free wireless and wireless calling

Verizon is supporting customers with loved ones potentially impacted by this terrible tragedy by offering free wireless and wireline calling from the U.S. to Mexico.

Verizon Disaster Recovery caravan

With the weekend's restoral of 100% of network facilities in the Florida Keys, Verizon is operating business as usual from a performance perspective across the state of Florida.

Karisa Jones in front of her car

Karisa Jones didn’t think twice about driving 17 hours to Florida to help strangers recover from Hurricane Irma.


Five days after Hurricane Irma paved through the state of Florida, Verizon's network continues to show its resiliency, with close to 97% of our facilities in Florida in service.

Two WECCs have been deployed in Naples

Verizon network engineers are working 24x7 to restore service and make repairs to the network, and two WECCs have been deployed in Naples near the areas hardest hit by the storm.