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5G Labs

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Verizon opens 5G Experience Labs in Houston and Los Angeles this week giving people a chance to experience the power of 5G first hand.

5G Experience Labs

Verizon opened the doors to its first two 5G Experience Labs in Sacramento and Indianapolis on Monday and will open 5G Experience Labs in Houston and Los Angeles on December 3.

Verizon 5G Public Safety

Verizon’s 5G First Responder Lab will give startups and other innovators access to 5G technology to develop, test and refine 5G solutions for public safety.


RYOT, Verizon's immersive media company, will launch its Innovation Studio in Los Angeles, California, opening Fall 2018.

5G Ed Tech Challenge

5GEdTech Challenge will award the ten most compelling concepts a grand total of $1 million to implement at Verizon Innovative Learning schools.


Verizon is expanding its 5G incubator to new locations and introducing a new brand identify that reflects the innovative, forward-looking nature of those locations.

5G mobile game jam

Verizon’s 5G Lab in New York City recently hosted its first 5G mobile game jam.


Augmented and virtual reality may be the most buzz-worthy frontier for 5G. Learn why.


LiquidSky is using Verizon’s 5G incubator in New York City to explore the edge of cloud computing

Collaborative VR and 5G could change the ways we access healthcare

Columbia University is using Verizon’s 5G Lab in New York City to develop and test a VR-based alternative to in-person motor rehabilitation therapy sessions using 5G.