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Powerful Answers Award

2015 Powerful Answers Award

Three innovative start-ups with world-changing potential were named $1 million winners of the 2015 Powerful Answers Award contest.

2015 Powerful Answers Award Winners

This past April, over 1,400 entrepreneurs set out on a journey with hopes of taking a big step towards making their world-changing ideas a reality by entering the 2015 Powerful Answers Award contest.


Big ideas can come from anywhere. That belief is at the core of Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award competition.

Powerful Answers Award

Verizon is now accepting entries for its 2015 Powerful Answers Award program, which will award $6 million in cash prizes for ideas that use technology to create solutions that deliver social good.

Verizon's Powerful Answers Award Winners | Global Challenge | Verizon Wireless

Four great ideas were named first place winners of the Powerful Answers Award, a multi-million dollar challenge that encourages entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions in education, healthcare, sustainability and transportation.

Episode 8 | 2014 Verizon Powerful Answers Awards | Verizon Wireless

In his latest LinkedIn post, Lowell McAdam reflects on the beginning of his career 30-plus years ago, when the full potential of wireless technology was unknown, yet showed great promise.


Powerful Answers finalists that are introducing innovations in home life as we know it, through smart sensors and connected technology.


At Verizon, we’re committed to discovering, nurturing and sharing new ways to harness the power of technology to improve the quality of life and well-being of people everywhere.  With that pledge in mind, I’d like to share a story I recently heard on NPR,


Let’s face it; wires are pretty much considered eyesores in a home.  A wire running down your wall to a set top box or router can be hard to hide.

Subway entrance

There are so many benefits to taking advantage of public transportation, both for the environment and for yourself.