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Verizon’s TravelPass feature extends to business travel destinations like Hong Kong and Europe.

Unexpected discoveries in Idaho for Naked Planet’s global traveler

Naked Planet founder Stephen Valido boarded his flight to Sun Valley this month, what he found was pleasantly surprising.

Follow Food52 to discover Maine’s hidden culinary gems “DownEast”

Food52 editor Samantha Weiss-Hills shares her experiences in DownEast Maine on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with 4G LTE networks of Verizon and Wireless Partners.

 Old college cry “please send money” becomes “text me a gift card”

Gift cards have become a staple for back to school, providing flexibility for college students and peace of mind for parents seeking control over how their contributions are spent.

3 Samsung Gear Accessories Coming to Verizon

Earbuds that can store music, virtual reality headsets, and 360 degree cameras are the latest Gear devices from Samsung.

Order the HTC Desire® 530 from Verizon today

HTC Desire 530 is available for purchase today.

Summer in Rio: essentials for the athletic adventurer

Verizon customers heading to Brazil can utilize their existing data plan with TravelPass.

Top accessories for the back-to-school season

Start your back-to-school list with better tech at Verizon

FreeBee Perks by Verizon, the new mobile data rewards program for brands and marketers takes brand loyalty to a new level

Enter FreeBee Perks by Verizon, a new turnkey offering that provides brands and marketers with the ability to reward and incentivize customers with Verizon mobile data on the nation’s most reliable network.

Naked Planet will share his journey to Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains

As the co-founder of the travel photography site Naked Planet, Stephen Valido has captured some of the best that nature has to offer.