4 reasons to join Verizon’s Network Assurance team.

By: Verizon Careers

Take a ride with V Teamer Saeed B. as he takes us behind the scenes of a day in the life of a Field Assurance Engineer at Verizon. 

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For V Teamer Saeed B., no two days are alike. From the moment he hits the road, his day is met with new lessons and challenges, from building up our 5G network to maintaining cell sites in his area. 

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1. Work on exciting hands-on projects as you gain the power to grow.   

From going out into the field, connecting cables and maintaining equipment, to informing our next greatest advancements, you never know where your day will take you as a Field Assurance Engineer.

“You think you’ll start your day one way and then you end up somewhere else. It’s what makes the job interesting — seeing and tackling new problems is exactly why I love it,” Saeed said. “I’m still progressing and learning. Every day, I try to see where the dream will take me next.” 

2. Tackle new challenges while creating innovative solutions for customers.

Every day, Saeed encounters something new in his role, whether he’s on the field verifying batteries and generators or troubleshooting network issues. For him, this is what keeps the job engaging as he plays his part in keeping our vast networks running smoothly. 

3. Deliver the best solutions as Verizon launches new technology.

Last year, we launched 5G in over 30 cities. Moments like these, Saeed says, are some of the most exciting and rewarding times on the job as they provide an opportunity to support customers in fresh and innovative ways.     

4. Empower and support customers even in moments of difficulty.  

In times of disaster Saeed and his team are equipped to lend a hand and do what they can to help customers get back on their feet: “When we’re able to deliver service to customers even in the bad times, it’s very rewarding to know that I did something to help,” he said.

In order for us to deliver on the future, 5G is paramount to our customers. The fact that we’re there to provide that service to them is incredible.

Saeed B., Field Assurance Engineer

Are you ready to make your next career move? Begin your search for Field Operations and Assurance roles at Verizon.

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