4 tips for a virtual family party

Gather your friends and family online for an experience everyone can enjoy.

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When you can’t all be in the same room with family and friends, it’s good to have tech tools that can help you gather virtually.

But regardless of what technology you use to make it happen, it takes more than just technology to make a virtual gathering work.

We’ve put together a few tips on how to create a fun and engaging time with your friends and family, even if you can’t all be in the same room together.

Choosing technology everyone knows

Make sure everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the technology you’ve chosen to host your call. Consider that some family members might not be as tech savvy as you and may experience challenges. Plan to connect with them ahead of your call and walk them through the process, it will make the experience easier for everyone when the virtual gathering begins.

Plan your call like you’d plan a party

While bringing everyone together is a great idea, there are important differences between virtual and physical gatherings that change dynamics. For instance, some folks might have a story that they are dying to tell, but they may be hidden off-camera and the group can’t see the typical physical signs that would indicate they’d like to speak. Others might feel anxious they won’t have anything interesting to say.

Planning your call can take many different paths. Here are four suggestions to get things going and keep it interesting:

  1. Give topical guidance. Create a theme before the call. Ask everyone to think about what they’d like to share based on the theme—maybe it’s simply what’s happened to them recently.

  2. Set share time limits. Suggest an amount of time for folks to talk that would be appropriate for your group size and expected call length so that everyone gets a chance to talk.

  3. Be creative. Brainstorm call themes with your group.

    • A “remember when” call where each person comes to the call with a remembrance of a joyous time you’ve all had together in the past.

    • A “dress up” call where folks dress up as their favorite character from a movie or TV show.

    • A “future bucket list planning” call where each shares thoughts on something they’ve never done, but want to do.

    1. Give kids the mic and flexibility. If there are young children on the call, give them time to talk--no matter what it is they want to share. This could be as simple as telling their favorite story or talking about their favorite scene from a movie, or showing a favorite toy.

    Shared memories are the best kind. Planning your virtual party can help create more memories without putting life completely on hold.

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