From 5G dream to reality.

By: Dave Boerger
Communications Strategist/Writer

Even if our new ad is set in a fantasy world, the message is clear: our 5G Ultra wideband network just got real.

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Back in the day, things moved… a… lot… slower.

That reminder ‒ and the difference between the sluggish mobile speeds of yesteryear versus the blazing speed of an iPhone 12 Pro on today’s Verizon’s 5G Ultra wideband network* ‒ is the focus of our new ad.

The color-splashed spot takes place on a whirling golf cart tour across a Dr. Doolittle-esque estate, past fountains, giraffes, leaping dolphins and a manicured private football field, all while our narrator reminisces about life before the iPhone 12 Pro and Verizon 5G.

This was when “the song of the summer took the whole summer to download,” our host quips. "One time I waited 51 minutes for Janelle Monáe's 'Dirty Computer' to download. That's longer than the whole album!"

He points out that the increased speeds of 5G offer the ability to do everything from watch football games from multiple angles to better compete in cloud-based video games.

The epic tongue-in-cheek ad ends with a grand piano, an over-the-top fireworks display and the announcement “5G just got real.”

It certainly has.

*5G Ultra Wideband available only in parts of select cities. 5G Nationwide available in 1,800+ cities.

About the author:

Dave Boerger is a part of the Verizon Corporate Communications team and a regular contributor to Up To Speed. He's a recovering marketer and sitcom writer.

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