A call for kindness.

By: Krista Bourne

Learn more about our campaign to remind customers of the V Teamers behind the mask and the smiles they bring to work - even if customers can’t see them.

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Nothing gives us greater pride than serving our customers. In a truly unprecedented year, we have kept the world connected during the greatest challenge of our time, and our networks and services will be instrumental in moving the world forward. As we continue to chart a new course for the future, one thing is certain – our greatest strength is our employees.

Without missing a beat, our V Teamers have demonstrated a heightened sense of ingenuity and commitment for their work, especially our frontline team members who have been at the forefront of helping our customers and communities stay connected. Every day, they show up eager and ready to provide stellar service. And while a mask may cover their face, we know they are smiling underneath.

Kindness is welcome.

That's why we are launching a new initiative,"A Call for Kindness," to remind our customers of the V Teamers behind the mask. The team members in our stores, on the phone, or in the field are someone's mother, father, grandparent, sibling, partner and friend. And it’s our hope that customers treat our employees like they would their loved ones and extend the same consideration and care they receive. After all, kindness is always welcome in our stores.

"A Call for Kindness" means that we're all in this together. In fact, we're calling on the entire retail industry to join this movement for greater appreciation of our frontline colleagues who, in many ways, are the heartbeat of our businesses.

We hope this campaign brings a smile to your face and encourages you to join and spread the joy. This is an opportunity to share what makes us human and connected. Capture your video or photo and share it on your social channels using #ACallForKindness.

While we don't know what the next weeks and months will bring, let’s continue to celebrate the good and hold tight to the kindness that brings us together.

Stay well, stay safe and be kind.

Loving mom
Empowered woman
Proud bookworm
Total foodie
V Team leader

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