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03.21.2002Enterprise Tech

DIRECTV Broadband and WorldCom Announce Agreement to Expand High-Speed Internet Service Nationwide

CUPERTINO, CA and CLINTON, MS (March 21, 2002) - DIRECTV Broadband, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with WorldCom (Nasdaq: WCOM) to expand DIRECTV DSLTM service across the Western and mid-Western U.S. via access to WorldCom's nationwide DSL services. DIRECTV Broadband is a unit of the Hughes Electronics Corporation (NYSE: GMH).

"DIRECTV Broadband's teaming with an industry leader such as WorldCom is great news for our company and our customers," said Ned Hayes, president and CEO of DIRECTV Broadband. "Our alliance with WorldCom greatly extends DIRECTV Broadband's reach, giving us one of the most comprehensive footprints in the DSL industry." Underscoring the significance of the announcement for the broadband industry, Hayes added, "I'm also pleased that, through this alliance with WorldCom, we will again have the ability to choose last-mile connectivity in many communities from a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier like WorldCom or the Incumbent Telephone Company, based upon the competitive benefits of price, architecture and performance. Competition and choice are healthy for the broadband industry, and incredibly beneficial for consumers." WorldCom is one of the leading providers of DSL for businesses, offering DSL services nationwide in more than 55 major metropolitan markets. WorldCom offers a variety of DSL services and can provide business and ISP customers with cost-effective broadband access to WorldCom's award-winning global IP network, which spans six continents and more than 3,000 points of presence. "WorldCom's DSL solution is enabling DIRECTV Broadband to deliver a cost effective and reliable access solution for its residential customers," said Brian Brewer, Chief Marketing Officer for WorldCom. "By leveraging WorldCom's facilities-based DSL footprint, we've been able to build on our existing relationship with DIRECTV and deliver a comprehensive solution that meets its evolving business needs." DIRECTV Broadband has earned distinction for being the first residential broadband provider to offer a plug-and-play, award-winning residential gateway and for being the first residential provider to offer enhanced services such as the Connect & ProtectTM home networking package to its customers. About WorldCom Group
WorldCom group (NASDAQ: WCOM) is a pre-eminent global communications provider for the digital generation, operating in more than 65 countries with annualized revenues exceeding $21 billion. With one of the most expansive, wholly owned IP networks in the world, WorldCom provides innovative data and Internet services for businesses to communicate in today's market. For more information, go to About DIRECTV Broadband, Inc.
DIRECTV Broadband, Inc. is a leading nationwide provider of broadband services for the home. DIRECTV Broadband, Inc. provides its customers with the DIRECTV DSL service, which improves the dial-up experience through faster and reliable services that enhance Internet surfing, shopping and communications. The company's award-winning gateway has been designed to enable secure telecommuting, home networking, home monitoring and automation, voice bundling and entertainment services. Direct TV Internet offers nationwide service and holds agreements with every Regional Bell Operating Company. DIRECTV Broadband, Inc. formerly known as Telocity, was acquired in April 2001 by HUGHES Corp. (NYSE: GMH). HUGHES, which also owns DIRECTV, Inc., is the country's first provider to offer on a national basis a portfolio of consumer entertainment and information services that includes digital multi-channel television, and wired and satellite broadband Internet access. Learn more about DIRECTV Broadband, Inc. and its DIRECTV DSL service offering at DIRECTV, the Cyclone Design logo and DIRECTV DSL are registered trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.