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Learn how our #VerizonWomenInTech are making an impact across the globe.

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Around the world, our #VerizonWomenInTech show up each day by inspiring us to pursue our ambitions and drive meaningful change. Meet Krithika, Shylaja, and Padma, three leaders across Verizon India who are truly moving the world forward. 

Heart and soul: Krithika Krishnan

With more than two decades of industry expertise, Krithika Krishnan has fully embraced her love of technology and learning. One of her first roles on the Verizon India team was a technical manager — a position that she says was instrumental in shaping her career. 

“I realized that the ‘network’ was the heart and soul of the entire domain,” Krithika said. “I upskilled myself on the domain as well as newer technologies so I could expand my horizons and add diverse skill sets to my portfolio.”

Krithika shares what she loves most about her technology role at Verizon. 

Moving the world forward takes more than the best technology, it takes the best people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. As a leader, Krithika fully embodies this, making sure there is always diversity of thought, with different perspectives contributing to the solution. 

“It always yields better results when we collaborate and ideate together on a given problem statement,” she shared. “As a team, we always focus on building a culture of diversity in all aspects.” 

At Verizon, we are leading by example. We’re proud of our winning culture that provides opportunities for all, empowering V Teamers to unleash their potential and lead from the front! 

Krithika Krishnan, Director, Network Systems

Culture of learning: Shylaja Krishnakurup

Shylaja Krishnakurup began her career doing market research as a management consultant for an engineering company but she always knew her passion for tech would be her career destiny. In 2002, she made her dream a reality and began her journey as a software programmer on the Verizon India team.

Today, Shylaja leads a team of 1,500 engineers who are building leading-edge technology and business solutions that serve Verizon’s global customers. As a director in Verizon Business Group, she credits her team for helping her learn and grow into the leader that she is today.  

“In today's competitive world, staying on a successful track requires constant innovation and relentless focus,” she said. “I have learned a lot from the experiences of people I have interacted with, and that has enabled me to explore new spaces with confidence.”

Shylaja shares her advice for others who are considering a career in tech. 

A team of motivators: Padma Srinivasan

Prior to joining Verizon, Padma Srinivasan worked with a multinational company, leading client delivery, business development and transformational programs in the digital space. Inspired by Verizon’s strategic vision and 5G tech focus, her career path took her to the V Team. 

Today, Padma is a director in Verizon Consumer Group where she focuses on empowering her team to reach their full potential every day. Her advice to those considering a tech career: Never stop learning no matter how far you’ve come in your career. This is why she encourages continuous learning and growth among her team. 

As a leader, she aims to create more great leaders, providing opportunities for skill-building and leadership development and helping her team remain at the forefront of the industry. 

Padma shares what Women’s History Month means to her. 

Fix your vision as a leader and instill that in your people. People are the biggest source of motivation, and the ability to create meaningful change is only possible with a super performing team.

Padma Srinivasan, Director, Verizon Consumer Group

Explore our open technology roles to learn how you can be a part of the network of people who move the world forward. 

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