Enterprise sales: An exciting challenge, each and every day

Our enterprise sales representatives work with global companies by deciding which technologies best suit their business needs.  Working primarily over the phone, our reps provide service and solutions so customers can make good decisions for their business.

Every day is a new challenge with exciting opportunities.

Sezen Akdag

“Every day is a new challenge with exciting opportunities,” says Sezen Akdag, an enterprise sales representative in Reading, United Kingdom. Enterprise sales team members have knowledge of a wide range of technology solutions—network, cloud, security, Internet of Things and more—and a lot of passion for their work.

Jordan Barry, an enterprise sales representative also based in Reading, enjoys helping his clients’ decision-making, operating as an extension of each customer’s team. The conviction that “this is not a job, but a career” motivates Jordan. “The prospect of a successful future is not only in sight but achievable within an organization that collaborates for success.”

This is not a job, but a career.

Jordan Barry

Both reps say sharing and collaboration among their teams benefit their relationships with customers. Concludes Sezen, “The most rewarding experience working at Verizon is the great relationship I’ve developed with clients.”

Our reps enjoy making an impact by matching business needs to technology that can help manage risk and make companies more efficient and secure.

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