Top 5 perks of working at a Verizon call center

Top 5 perks of working at the Franklin call center

Potlucks. Games. Contests. These are just a few ways Michelle Miles Lawrence and other customer service representatives stay connected at her Verizon call center location.

“Our power hour meetings are always fun and help us feel united,” says Michelle. “There’s definitely a sense of family here, and we genuinely all care for each other.”

The fun doesn’t stop there. Verizon rewards call center representatives for their hard work with perks such as onsite gyms, training, tuition assistance and more. Here’s what other customer service representatives say about some of the lesser-known perks of working at a Verizon call center.

1. It pays to learn.

“Verizon offers great benefits, particularly tuition assistance and time off. I use the Tuition Assistance Program*, which offers up to $8,000 annually to fund higher-education studies for enhancing our careers at Verizon. Benefits like these make you realize that Verizon really does care about its employees bettering themselves.” – Aleina Early, customer service representative

2. Volunteer hours turn into charitable donations.

“I work closely with a dog rescue. Verizon’s donation-matching program* is incredible. I log all of my volunteer hours, because as soon as I reach 50 hours of volunteer time, Verizon will send the rescue a check for $750. Also, any monetary donations I make to the rescue have been matched* by Verizon.” —Michelle Miles Lawrence, customer service representative

3. Professional development opportunities abound.

“Verizon call centers provides dozens of training opportunities each month. These sessions prepare me for new technologies related to the mobile platforms we support. Not only does this information make me a better-informed care representative, it also makes me a good candidate for advancing my career within the company.” —Nick DeKoff, customer service representative

4. Health matters.

“Going to work and working out are big parts of the day. To have both of them in one building is very convenient, and the trainers are very supportive!” —Glen M. Carter, customer service representative

5. Coworkers become family.

“My favorite part about the culture at the center would have to be the people that I work with. The interaction I have with each and every member of our team—from frontline representatives on up to our supervisors, associate directors and directors—is really more of a family feel than just coworkers.” —Dijin Tahir, customer service operations specialist

*Benefits vary based on position, location and business unit.