Every moment counts.

By: Peter Casale

Angel MedFlight’s air ambulance fleet relies on America’s most reliable network.

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Angel Medflight’s air ambulance fleet

“Our mantra is ‘Every moment counts,’” says Paul Green, Chief Information Officer for Angel MedFlight, an air ambulance company based in Arizona.

That couldn’t be more true when passengers have illnesses or conditions that require constant medical attention. Angel MedFlight helps to fly patients around the world with their special fleet of ambulance Learjets. You might recall that we highlighted their story in a recent Up To Speed.

A flying hospital room.

Each Learjet has a fully functional medical room onboard equipped with the latest tech for patient treatment and monitoring. Plus, the jets can fly faster and at higher altitudes than normal commercial aircrafts, which can help reduce air pressure on patients’ internal organs.

Whether it’s allowing a bone-marrow recipient in Iowa to finally meet her life-saving donor in Germany, or facilitating a flight for a disabled veteran to visit his home state, Angel MedFlight helps to save lives, and make dreams come true.

The network matters.

Flying medical patients across the world is a complicated business. Not only do you need the right equipment, and a dedicated team of trained professionals, you also need a communications network you can rely on.

From pre-flight charting, to keeping track of medical documents, MedFlight has their own customized app that allows pilots and emergency technicians to have all of their work in one place, and to be in constant communication with their main office. That communication runs on Verizon’s network.

“There is no way we could do what we do every day if we did not have the best network reliability possible,” said Paul Green. When every moment counts, you need a network you can rely on at any moment.

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Peter Casale is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. He's the resident writer, producer and creative who likes to tell stories — just ask his parents, he's been doing it his whole life. 

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