Genia Wilbourn, STEM trailblazer.

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Giving women and girls the power to go beyond in STEM, and in life.

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Role model, trailblazer, and Global Network Operations & Assurance Leader at Verizon, Genia Wilbourn has proved that ensuring women have a seat at the table in STEM is not only possible, but necessary for a company’s success. She has led by example for over two decades, demonstrating the importance of empowering a new generation of females and paving the way not only for women in STEM, but across the workplace.

Inspired by her father to be a mentor.

Genia’s work ethic was instilled at a young age, something she says helped her become a STEM trailblazer. As the youngest of six children, Genia shares that her father in particular empowered her to live her dreams and achieve her life goals, adding, “Every child needs that person in their life, that cheerleader, that mentor who reminds them that the only boundaries they have are the ones they set for themselves.”


Like her father was for her, Genia has become a cheerleader in the lives of women and girls seeking to find their own voice in the technology industry.

There’s nothing better than getting a seat at the table while at the cutting edge of technology.

Genia Wilbourn

Blazing the STEM trail.

As a woman in the world of engineering, Genia knows that a strong support system is essential to her success, stating, “I quickly learned that to be successful, I needed to surround myself with a strong team that brought diverse experience and value.” She lives this message via the Verizon Innovative Learning program, where her team promotes STEM education in middle schools around the country, often where access to technology is limited. Check out Genia's STEM perspectives on a recent Reuters podcast and Cheddar TV segment.

Genia Wilbourne's network team brings STEM education to young women in Tampa, FL, through Mr. Roboto program. 


Through this program, Genia has worked to give students the power to push boundaries, find their voices, and follow their passions.

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