How to travel abroad like a pro

By: Atsi Shah

Keep your identity safe. Avoid international fees with TravelPass. And bring along an adapter so you can charge your phone.

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Going to a strange new place may be daunting, yet from my journeys abroad I have learned to embrace new adventures. Not only have my travels helped me grow and learn as an individual, I’ve had so many memorable experiences that will last me a lifetime. From kayaking in a bioluminescent bay, to exploring palaces built centuries ago, I’ve managed to collect a rich understanding of other cultures, heritages and traditions.

As an experienced traveler, my first tip to you is to enjoy your vacation and not stress about the details. Don’t be afraid to create new memories because these tips will keep you safe, and ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Protect your identity

I always start off any trip by taking photos of important documents on my phone, so if they are ever misplaced, I have backups. I suggest using TripIt, an app which organizes all travel documents, reservations and plans in a secure location so that your information is protected against any possible theft.

Stay connected internationally with TravelPass

While I love exploring new places, I also want to be able to share my experiences (as any person would in the digital age). Fortunately, Verizon’s TravelPass lets you use your existing talk, messaging and data plan while traveling abroad. TravelPass is available in over 130 countries, and eliminates the worry of being charged international data roaming fees. Recently, Verizon added its new AboveUnlimited plan, which includes five TravelPass sessions per month so you can use your phone just as you would at home so that your friends and family back home can also be a part of your journey! Just make sure to sign up for TravelPass through MyVerizon before you leave on your trip.

Keep your devices powered up

Since I need my iPhone charged at all times, I take the International Lightning Wall Charge Kit whenever I travel abroad. It has different wall adapters, as well as cable and a wall plug which is really helpful as European and Asian countries do not have the same outlets as the United States. Similarly, if you’re an Android user, the International Micro USB Wall Charger Kit will do wonders for your phone.

Insure your trip

Lastly, no matter where I go, I always purchase travel insurance. It may feel like an unnecessary cost, but it has proven to be useful in many different situations. Fortunately, there are multiple options to cover all your needs: trip cancellation and interruption, medical, evacuation, baggage and flight insurance. Personally, I always buy the trip cancellation and interruption package as there have been many times when I’ve had to cancel my trip for some unforeseen circumstance. It’s always better to lose $100 and reschedule, than to miss out on your entire trip.

I’ve always believed that traveling is a great way to learn about yourself, other people and cultures. To embrace the unfamiliar and to veer off course into the unknown makes travelling even more memorable. Don’t be afraid to take risks because with these tips there is nothing stopping you from having the adventure of a lifetime!

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About the author:

Atsi is an intern for Verizon's external communications team. When she's not at Rutgers, she likes to travel, read and ski in her free time. 


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