Let the Olympic Winter Games, and Viewing, Begin

KDDI Japan customers will use VoLTE service while traveling in the United States

With a record setting 230 U.S. athletes attending Sochi, Russia, for the Winter Olympics, Team USA seeks to build upon the legends of the past to claim medals. Of our 230 athletes, 106 have past Olympic experience, and 49 have won medals, including 19 gold.

Whether you’re passionate about Alpine skiers, half pipers, curlers, cross country skiers, snowboarders, ski jumpers, ice skaters, hockey players, bobsledders or those daring folks who participate in the skeleton or luge, the Olympic Winter Games are a can’t miss 18-day gathering of dedicated athletes living their dream.

Not all the athletes are everyday names, so whom might you follow in the coming days? Click here for a quick guide to get you started.

Considering that NBC will broadcast more than 1,500 hours of Winter Olympics programming on multiple platforms, where do you turn to enjoy the Games?

Ways to Watch

Our 5.3 million FiOS TV subscribers will have access to NBCUniversal’s unprecedented programming, including every Olympic competition, live and on-demand and across multiple platforms.

 In addition to enjoying extensive coverage on the networks of NBCUniversal, including NBC, NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), MSNBC, CNBC and USA Network, all Verizon broadband Internet subscribers can stay connected to the Games wherever they go via NBCOlympics.com and the NBC Sports Live Extra app. Every competition at the Games will be streamed live on NBCOlympics.com.

Before we get too far into the competition, here’s a summary of the multiplatform offerings from NBCUniversal that will allow our customers to watch and be a part of the Winter Games through televisions, PCs, and mobile and tablet apps.

NBCOlympics.com: NBC Sports Live Extra, the home of Olympic live stream content at NBCOlympics.com/LiveExtra, is available to verified customers who subscribe to a package that includes NBC, NBCSN, MSNBC, CNBC and USA Network and who log-in to the site. NBCOlympics.com will feature, for the first time, live streaming coverage of all Winter Games competition, plus event rewinds and extensive video highlights. Our customers can easily verify their subscriptions and watch Olympic coverage live online at no additional charge.

Mobile and Tablet Apps: NBCUniversal will also offer two apps for mobile and tablet viewing. The NBC Sports Live Extra app will be available to verified Verizon customers and will offer the same live streaming and event replays available via NBCOlympics.com/LiveExtra. The NBC Olympics Highlights and Results app will include short-form highlights, schedules, results, columns and more and will also link to the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

On Demand:NBCUniversal is making Olympic highlights and full-event rewinds available via Verizon’s FiOS video-on-demand service.

Pre-Games: Viewers can access more than 100 pre-Games clips in HD via set-top box and Verizon’s website, including select highlights from the U.S. Olympic Team Trials.

In-Games: Each day during the Sochi Games, NBCUniversal will offer a digital figure skating show called “Olympic Ice.” Also during the Games, NBCUniversal will offermore than 350 highlight clips and 150 full-length event replays available within 24 hours of an event’s completion, all in HD, available both via NBCOlympics.com and set-top box.

For general viewing, live figure skating can be watched on NBCSN. Taped highlights (Sochi is 8 hours ahead of the East Coast) will be on NBC. Ice hockey will be on MSNBC or USA Network. And one of my favorites – curling – can be viewed on CNBC. The closing ceremony, just like the opening ceremony yesterday, won’t be streamed live so be sure to tune in live or set your DVR.