Lifting Up season 3: Connecting at scale for resilience and inspiration

By: Craig Silliman

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Two years ago we started a podcast showcasing Verizon women leaders. The idea was to provide mentoring at scale, so the experiences and wisdom of these leaders – of all levels, backgrounds, and trajectories – could reach and inspire men and women in and outside of Verizon’s public policy, legal and security organization. The authenticity captured in these interviews surpassed what we hoped, and resonated with many who keep asking for more.
Now, as many of us are physically distant and geographically dispersed while working through times of crisis and trauma, the need for connection, candor, and diversity is greater than ever. As studies show, diverse organizations are more resilient, and can better navigate times of crisis. And the women showcased in the Lifting Up podcast, among so many others across Verizon, epitomize diversity, resilience, authenticity, and leadership. 
Starting on June 4 (the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s passage) through August 18 (the Centennial of the Amendment’s ratification when women finally got the right to vote in the United States) we are releasing an entire new season of Lifting Up, hosted by entrepreneur and “Beyond My Title” creator Nykeba Sonubi, in which:
  • Julie Hines talks being a career entrepreneur in an episode brimming with practical tips and hard learned lessons;
  • Rachel Juliana advocates for finding and being a champion – and how she juggles being a star attorney with being an elected official and having a family;
  • Ellen Cummings talks about the importance of being a sponge to soak up learning from everyone and everything – including the many lessons about resilience and grit she has learned from bodybuilding;
  • Tonya Rutherford reminds us all the world is a stage – and shares her wisdom and path from thespian to content law;
  • Fiona Taylor discusses appreciating cultural differences while learning to be your authentic self; and 
  • Michelle Goldman talks about the versatility of legal skills, and the importance of feeling challenged.
The themes of these episodes turn on connectedness and authenticity (both in yourself and your relationships), and in doing hard things. Listening to stories of the grace and grit of these powerful, diverse women continues to bring us closer together even as we’re more physically distant. And it underscores just how much talent, energy, and resilience are in all of us. I hope these episodes inspire you to keep going, aspiring, and lifting yourself and others.
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About the author:

Craig Silliman is executive vice president and chief administrative, legal and public policy officer.  He is responsible for Verizon's supply chain, real estate, public policy, legal, regulatory and security groups.

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