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Your top questions answered on the importance of internships and post-graduation opportunities.

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Between classes, exams and papers due, your college years are an important time to create a foundation for your future career. While most colleges or universities offer resume assistance, internships, and job fairs, we asked one of our Campus recruitment experts, Caitlyn G., for her insights to answer some of your frequently asked questions specific to Verizon and the experience of interning or working here full-time.

When considering applicants for internships or entry-level roles, what are some attributes recruiters are seeking?

We are always looking for students that are currently enrolled in school with coursework or past internships relevant to the position. Some of our previous interns had project work experience that shows initiative and a strong interest in the field with engagement in student clubs or organizations. If you have good analytical, communication, leadership and presentation skills while also being able to work collaboratively in fast-moving, team environment then you might be the right fit!

During an internship, what are some key activities that will allow interns to make the absolute most out of the experience?

Our interns will have the opportunity to network with other interns both within and outside their field of study. This occurs frequently through networking events, webinars, and volunteer events. Each project will be focused on real-world, impactful work that matters to the company and some interns may also have the opportunity to work with senior management within the organization. In some cases, there will be an opportunity to work on a project that will be presented to senior leaders at completion. Verizon interns gain knowledge of daily business operations in a corporate environment.

What is Verizon’s Leadership Development Program?

Our Leadership Development Program is a unique rotational program, which is part of the Campus Program, designed to develop future leaders at Verizon. In the LDP, interns will get a sense of different corporate functions across the company, within their specific field of study. Through each rotation, interns will work on a different team, potentially also in a different location. Programs are usually available within Finance, Technology, Marketing, and Human Resources where they’ll gain leadership experience by networking with our senior leaders and participating in training that will sharpen their skills.

Is it possible for students participating in internships and co-ops to get hired full-time?

Our internships and co-ops may turn into full-time employment once the student graduates. However, we cannot guarantee a role since it’s based on business needs and performance of the intern.

As a full-time employee, why do you choose Verizon?

I choose Verizon because I feel as though my team and I are making an impact here. Every day I have the opportunity to work at a company that wants to make a difference and give employees the opportunity to work differently and grow. Verizon is truly a great place to work. It’s true when they say, “it’s better here.”

What advice would you give new interns?

Your time with us allows you to learn more about the business and make important connections for the future. Because you’ll be working on high-impact projects from your very first day, here are a few tips you can always apply in the workplace.

Be adaptable. This is essential to your career, especially as we continue to innovate with 5G and other technologies. It’s important to never stop learning, growing and understand that every experience is a valuable one that will allow you to learn more about yourself.

Be enthusiastic. Come to work every day with the right attitude and enthusiasm, and this will improve your work ethic and productivity. Jump into projects and make your interest known.

Be realistic. You want to excel but don’t reach for the moon on day one. Learn your role, ask lots of questions, take notes and treat everything like a learning experience to develop your skills for the future.

Look for internships and entry level opportunities with us.

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