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Powering the digital economy, all day, every day.

By: Nilesh Pritam
Delivering the promise of the digital world to our enterprise customers begins with network leadership.

Today, the digital economy is THE economy. That may seem like a big statement, but in truth, digital today drives innovation, competitiveness and growth. It’s redefining the very fundamentals of business operations, enabling customer interactions to be mobile, 24/7 and global, but also personalized to the individual.

The network is the ultimate enabler of this digital economy, helping people, devices, companies and Governments connect around the globe. Think about what networks already support today – the proliferation of mobile devices, growth of video, downloads and streaming, not to mention application and data movement to and from the cloud. Add to that the increasing impact of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality and you get a vague idea of the importance of the network in enabling the digital world. And the demands on the network are increasing every year, according to Fiercewireless.

Today, in the US, Verizon carries the same amount of wireless traffic on our network in one hour as we did in one week 10-plus years ago!

Verizon spends billions of dollars ($11.2B in 2016 alone!) every year to ensure that its wireless network is more than able to serve the needs of its mobile, socially connected and digitally-enabled customers and partners.

By the Numbers

150+ countries

Today, Verizon provides voice, data and Internet services on its state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, reaching customers in more than 150 countries.

800,000 route miles

The Verizon global network includes more than 800,000 route miles, including terrestrial and undersea cable, spanning six continents.

375,000 managed network, hosting and security devices

We manage more than 375,000 managed network, hosting and security devices around the globe.

2.3 million square miles and 98% of the US population
We also operate the largest and best performing LTE network covering more than 2.3 million square miles and 98% of the US population.

Our focus isn’t just on today, but on tomorrow, too. That’s why we’re bringing our 5G service to select customers in 11 markets.

Transformation driving business success

We’re also developing solutions that are transforming how we use our own global network – and then deploying these to help our customers transform their networks as well. SDN, SD-WAN and NFV are not just acronyms – they’re technologies at the heart of transforming the network into scalable, flexible and innovative platforms for digital business success.

From the Verizon perspective, this virtualization initiative began in 2015, when the company announced partnerships with Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent and Ericcson to accelerate this process. This SDN-based architecture was designed to introduce new operational efficiencies and to allow for the enablement of rapid and flexible service delivery to Verizon’s customers.  From the perspective of our customers, we’ve continued to expand our SDN offerings by teaming up with cutting edge partners to simplify the digital transformation process.

Delivering the promise of the digital world begins with network leadership. That is why we’re always pleased when thought leaders like Gartner, Root Metrics and J.D. Power continue to recognize our network capabilities. But ultimately, for us, it’s not about the awards. It’s about providing our customers with the best network experience possible. And that’s something we focus on all day, every day.

The digital world is our reality. And our networks are how we make it happen – for ourselves, our customers, and our partners.

About the author(s): 

Nilesh is a communications strategist for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, overseeing Verizon’s external communications in the Asia-Pacific region.