Reimagining Small Businesses and the Return to Better

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How 5G, advanced communication tools, video collaboration platforms and security technologies are not only aiding in small business recovery but providing a competitive edge 

While Covid-19 caused a shock to the economy, for consumers and businesses, there was a silver lining. It served as an accelerator for digital innovation, especially among our small business customers.

Small businesses who never considered themselves digital businesses, suddenly transformed to conduct business remotely, creating e-commerce platforms and developing new products and services to meet their customers’ evolving needs. Following the onset of Covid-19, 71% of small businesses needed external support in adding or transitioning to digital/online operations.

And we were there for them. We saw the excitement from customers over the past year when they realized the benefit of leveraging BlueJeans’ video collaboration tools or our One Talk mobile voice calling product. These tools allowed businesses to be as reachable in a remote setting as they were in the office. We saw their relief when our cybersecurity product suite ensured that remote work did not mean having to compromise their security.

Most importantly, we saw how our technology gave our customers the tools they needed to compete in this new climate, setting them up for not just a return to normal, but a return to better. And now, as the U.S. begins to reopen and the economy revs up for the summer, we want to bring all small businesses on board to experience the benefits Verizon can provide.

Making Every Small Business a 5G Business

We believe small businesses can use 5G to help boost their bottom line. In fact, according to our 5G Business Report, 69% of business decision makers believe that 5G will have a transformational impact on business growth. 

We also know that while businesses are excited about the possibility of 5G, understanding the distinct benefits for them is a critical part of their technology journey. It’s part of the reason we invited small businesses to book 1:1 personalized tech evaluations either in-store or online via BlueJeans during our Small Business Days last month. Because of the success of this program, we’re inviting every small business to our stores during our Summer Fridays for Small Business. Starting this Friday, June 4th through July 31st, small businesses are invited to our stores for a complimentary tech evaluation and special offers which are also available online here:

Inviting Businesses to Join the Network They Deserve

In this spirit, we’re offering a 10-year price lock for 5G Business Internet and just announced an offer to rapidly roll out transformative 5G services to small businesses.

5G Business Internet leverages Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband technology, via fixed-wireless connectivity, and is a great alternative to broadband. Currently available in more than 20 major markets, with continued expansion across the country, this service can deliver transformative speed to drive business applications, ranging from supply chain, to employee productivity, to point of sale.

But office connectivity is just the beginning. We want to make 5G core to every small businesses’ operations.

We are giving EVERY small business a 5G phone on us with select trade-in devices and one of our Business Unlimited plans. This promotion covers new and existing small business customers, and we are helping cover the switching costs for new customers1.

Putting 5G smartphones in the hands of small businesses is more than just a phone upgrade. In this return to better, giving businesses access to our 5G network is critical to enabling small businesses to maximize their technological offerings. Our small business customers can access our 5G Ultra Wideband network--now available in parts of more than 75 cities--as well as our 5G Nationwide, which is available to more than 230 million people across 2,700 cities.

Your Partner in the Return to Better

Whether your small business will return to full capacity, a hybrid workforce, or fully remote, technology will be the driving force to accelerate growth. We want to be your partner in the return to better and help you grow your business today.

1 With select trade-in and select Business Unlimited plans. 5G Ultra Wideband available only in parts of select cities. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities. Qualifying purchase: iPhone 12 mini 64GB or Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB. New device payment agreement & Business Unlimited, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Pro plan required. 0% APR. Up to $800 (Galaxy S21 5G) or $700 (iPhone 12 mini) credit, varying by smartphone trade-in, applied monthly to account for up to 24 or 30 months; promo credit ends when eligibility requirements are no longer met. Trade-in conditions apply. Limited time offer. Number transfer required. $300 credit applied after 2-3 bills. Individual responsible for paying any switching costs charged by prior service provider. Limited time offer.

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