Secrets From a Customer Service Recruiter: Jean Victomar

Our talent acquisition team is always on the lookout for diverse recruits. And we’ve uncovered some recruiting secrets below that’ll help you stand out from the crowd when pursuing a successful customer service career with us. One proven way is to wow us with your tech expertise. If you live and breathe technology, you’re exactly the type of candidate Verizon is looking for.

What always impresses me as a recruiter is when a candidate researches Verizon’s latest technology, devices and accessories.

Jean Victomar, Verizon talent acquisition specialist

Jean Victomar, Verizon's talent acquisition specialist in Alpharetta, Georgia, shares some tips for demonstrating your know-how.

  • Explore our website. You’ve heard of Verizon Wireless and FiOS, but did you know we’re also helping engineer connected cars and smarter cities? You’ll be surprised to see all that Verizon has to offer.

  • Stay on top of innovation. It’s not the answer you give. It’s the question you ask. Our team represents some of the most curious minds in tech. We value candidates with a curiosity for how tech works, as well as for new products and services.

  • Be enthusiastic. You’ll be adding value to every customer interaction by suggesting the latest, greatest headset or the newest, most helpful wireless service that empowers our customers. We’re looking for confident, personable specialists who can effortlessly fill that role.

  • Show us your tenacity. Perseverance and tenacity win the prize. Verizon employee, Tianna Jones demonstrates how engaging customers in a conversation, rather than following a script, is just one of the ways she never gives up in her search for superb solutions and great customer service.

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