“Six Lessons in Leadership”

Tune in to the CEO Forum podcast for more on my leadership philosophy.

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A learning mindset is critical to success, in business and in life. Throughout my career, I have challenged myself to understand and embrace my strengths and use them to their greatest good. Being able to reflect and recognize how I can do better, where I can drive lasting results, has also helped me to define my leadership philosophy. From this, I have crafted “Six Lessons in Leadership”; half a dozen core tenets helping guide how I show up for myself, my team, my organization, and the consumers and communities we serve.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO Forum Group for a podcast interview about my “Six Lessons,” and shared insight into how they were formed and how they continue to influence my every day decisions as CEO of Verizon Consumer Group. At a glance, they are:

  • The realization that it’s not about what you do, but about what you make happen;
  • The importance of teams and seeing strength in assembling a team that is better at doing what they do than you would be;
  • The concept of building teams that are truly diverse in thought and intent enhances your ability to achieve outcomes no other team can; creating great teams enables you to create differentiated outcomes and to actually compete;
  • The critical need to exercise judgment as to when to exercise judgment; stop and evaluate whether you have all the information you need to advise, decide, or proceed;
  • Leadership should happen at every level of the organization; for greatest impact, organize around the task or opportunity at hand, not the person who's most senior;
  • Be yourself; authenticity is key

But there’s much more to the story of these lessons. Please tune into the podcast and share your thoughts: what does remarkable leadership look like to you? What have you learned by either managing people or being managed by someone who does it well or could be doing it better? The “Six Lessons” start at 09:07.

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