Small Business Week 2022: For small businesses, the future looks bright

By: Wendy Taccetta

New Verizon survey: 71% of small businesses say they are better off than one year ago.

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As we closed out 2021, I had the opportunity to visit many of our customers in our #FeetonMainStreet campaign. From mom and pop stores, to franchises, I witnessed firsthand the challenges these organizations have faced. From quarantines and social distancing, to labor shortages to the shifts to remote work, these businesses innovated while simultaneously maintaining their operations to set themselves up for future growth.

As new challenges emerge every day, small businesses have a renewed sense of optimism as they find new paths to resilience. Our latest Small Business Outlook and Technology Adoption Study found that 71% of small and midsize business decision makers feel they are better off than one year ago, and 45% believe their business’s financial security has improved in recent months.

After all of the hurdles that small businesses have overcome, they have adopted innovative digital tools and technologies to become stronger and smarter than ever. Many small businesses have made the digital transformation to unlock innovation, and that’s why I believe there’s no better time to start a business than right now.

Technology is a team player for your business

Empowering small business owners with the tools and technologies they can count on to grow is central to what we do at Verizon Business. The latest networking advances like our 5G Business Internet are great examples of how we’re doing just that. 5G Business Internet has a self set-up option, allowing customers to quickly install the service themselves, or Verizon can do it for them. For solopreneurs, technology can provide support and scalability that used to require hiring new employees.

Connectivity and making systems work in perfect harmony is core to this, and with Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, businesses gain a fast and reliable network that can support every device from table to point of sale seamlessly and efficiently. And with our business-savvy solutions like Verizon One Talk, businesses get a single number that rings multiple compatible mobile devices, desk phones and PCs – and that means owners can manage their business on the go and give employees the flexibility they crave. For small businesses where there is a need to be constantly available and responsive, One Talk provides a way to flexibly remain connected.

Empowering small businesses success is personal for us

We provide businesses with the tools they need and also with the advice and training to be successful with those tools. In fact, according to our recent survey, 80% of small businesses found the ability to access free financial courses or programs helpful, and 81% found the ability to take digital marketing courses or programs to drive their business forward helpful. It is knowledge like this that led us to launch the free Verizon Small Business Digital Ready portal last year with the goal of giving small businesses the tools and advice needed to succeed. We are so proud of this program and the businesses it has helped, from those in their infancy to those in need of revitalization. I personally was touched on hearing the story of one of these business owners, Nakia Vestal, who shared her story earlier this year.

Why wait?

With summer on the horizon and more opportunities than ever to experiment with outdoor venues like popup shops and other options, there really is no time like the present to get started – it's a gift just waiting to be opened.

I’m so humbled by the small business community and their journey to recovery after the effects of the pandemic and know that together, there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

To learn more, visit our website and come into a store or book an appointment online during our Small Business Days April 28-May 4.

About the author:

Wendy Taccetta serves as Senior Vice President for Nationwide Small Business and Channel Chief for Verizon Business

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