SMB customer spotlight: Staying connected to tackle the NFL Draft

By: Aimee Novak

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Angela Wright, a long-standing member of the Detroit business community, proudly owns Lockeroom Sports Bar & Food Truck, MIX Bricktown Bar & Mobile Kitchen and SANDBOX Outdoor Bar & Lounge, all nestled in Detroit, Michigan. Her deep-rooted love for the city fuels her belief that it's the prime location for small businesses like hers. With the NFL Draft drawing near on April 25-27, bringing fans from across the nation, Angela and her team have been working to prepare her establishments for the increase in foot traffic.

I sat down with Angela to discuss how technology bolsters her businesses and how Verizon Business supports her and her team in gearing up for the NFL Draft. Large-scale events, like the NFL Draft, attract a sudden surge of visitors to a region. This presents a unique revenue opportunity to small businesses in the local communities. However, it requires careful planning and strategy to maximize the benefits. I enjoyed learning about Angela’s approach to optimizing this window of opportunity.

Q: Angela, tell us about yourself and how you discovered our product.

Angela: My journey started with a background in education, but teaching wasn’t my true calling. Real estate caught my eye, and soon I found myself diving into the business world. I first opened MIX Bricktown Bar & Mobile Kitchen, then Lockeroom Lounge – a place where memories can be made, and Detroit’s spirit thrives. Last year, I opened an additional business in downtown Detroit called the SANDBOX Outdoor Bar & Lounge. I am also a DJ, under the name DJ Lynda Carter – so I stay busy!

Q: Which Verizon Business solutions or products do you use?

Angela: We rely on Verizon One Talk, which is a game-changer for us. With one app and one phone number, we seamlessly manage reservations, customer inquiries, and event bookings across all business locations. Encouraging customers to text that number has also really been a game-winning strategy for us. Working with Verizon Business has given us the tools that we need to better serve our customers but also has provided an affordable option for us compared to other providers. With Verizon One Talk, we can quickly connect with customers in real time, which is our top priority!

Q: The NFL Draft is a big deal. How are you planning to attract more customers during this exciting time in Detroit?

Angela: Lockeroom Lounge is an official food vendor for the NFL Draft experience. We’re serving up Detroit classics, including the iconic Coney Dog and loaded Coney Fries with Cheese. We will also be hosting Draft Day Fest 2024 at MIX Bricktown Bar & Mobile Kitchen and SANDBOX Outdoor Bar & Lounge – a three-day event right outside of the footprint filled with day and night parties. We are also hosting NFL Draft programming at Lockeroom, streaming the NFL Draft on all 25 of our TVs, allowing viewable access to everyone! Our goal is to provide all visitors in Detroit the ultimate NFL Draft experience.

Q: Handling the crowd during the NFL Draft can be intense. How do you ensure everyone gets excellent service?

Angela: We’re beefing up our team with extra chefs and consultants to tackle the rush. Thanks to Verizon, our communication game is strong. Verizon One Talk allows us to coordinate with customers through phone calls, voicemails, emails, and texts, allowing us to stay connected as we prep for the weekend. We also will be able to answer questions in real-time during the events through our Verizon One Talk.

Q: Technology plays a crucial role. How is it supporting your operations for a successful NFL Draft watch party?

Angela: We’re mapping it out like a playbook. From calling and emailing key contacts to leveraging social media, we’re maximizing our reach. And yes, technology is key to helping us stay organized and successful. Our motto at Lockeroom Lounge is service is our favorite sport and technology is helping us achieve that.

Q: Lastly, what keeps you passionate about being part of Detroit’s community?

Angela: Detroit is more than a city, it’s a heartbeat. People often underestimate its potential, but I see endless opportunities. Lockeroom Lounge isn’t just a business; it’s a hub for memories, camaraderie, and celebrating our city. I strive to provide places where everyone can be unapologetically Detroit!

For more information, check out: Lockeroom Sports Bar & Food Truck, MIX Bricktown Bar & Mobile Kitchen and SANDBOX Outdoor Bar & Lounge.

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