We did it again. Check out our Network’s latest record-breaking win. | About Verizon
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We did it again. Check out our Network’s latest record-breaking win.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: Plus, digital assistants are on the rise and two Apple Watches go for a dive.


Verizon’s network gets highest P3 score in 10 years. 

Yesterday, the latest P3 Mobile Benchmark USA report ranked Verizon as best overall for the fourth year in a row, and gave our network the highest score any U.S. wireless provider has received in 10 years of P3 testing. The P3 report is based on more than 54 billion data samples taken from 3 million different users across both urban and non-urban areas. Along with best overall, Verizon was also ranked best in 4G, data, and voice coverage, all for the fourth year in a row. From consumers to crowdsourced data and even scientific drive testers, Verizon continues its winning streak across all kinds of different testing platforms.

New survey finds nearly half of all Americans own a digital assistant.

In the U.S. 48% of all people now own a digital assistant, according to a recent survey aimed at understanding how we interact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives. The survey also found that nearly half of people bought a digital assistant based on a word-of-mouth recommendation, and that people are buying them as a way to access the internet in real time and with greater ease. However, not all people are using digital assistants to their full advantage. The survey found people use them to make basic tasks easier, such as answering questions or setting event reminders, but most do not use some of the more complex programming skills that digital assistants can offer.

Apple watches survive a real-life durability test in Candlewood Lake.

Last week, divers from the Brookfield Police Department in Connecticut found two Apple watches at the bottom of Candlewood Lake during a training exercise. The watches were functional, and when officers returned them to their owners, they learned that the wearable devices had been sitting in the lake for over two weeks. Earlier this year, a surfer in Huntington Beach, CA, was reunited with his Apple Watch six months after losing it in the ocean, and found it to still be functional as well. 

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