Verizon customers have the nation’s best performing network for 12th straight time and the gap is growing, according to latest scientific testing

Numerous independent third parties rank Verizon the premier network experience

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Verizon Network

BASKING RIDGE, NJ – The gap between Verizon’s network performance and the other national wireless providers continues to grow, according to the latest findings from the nation’s most rigorous and scientific network testing by RootMetrics.

Verizon’s network again swept the awards across all six categories of testing during the first half of 2019: overall performance, reliability, speed, data, call and text (tie), and was unbeaten in 45 of 50 states for overall network performance. The wireless industry leader has now won RootMetrics’ overall network performance award a record 12 consecutive times (11 straight for speed).1

“Our competitors may be getting tired of Verizon constantly winning awards for the nation’s most reliable network experience, but these industry-leading results never get old for our consumer, small business, first responder and enterprise customers. Our engineers are very proud of these results, working countless hours to drive continued technological innovation and continuous investment that goes into creating an unmatched network experience,” said Heidi Hemmer, VP, Network & Technology at Verizon. 

RootMetrics report highlights – Widening the Gap

Key findings from the latest RootMetrics testing include:

  • Nationally, Verizon’s network reliability RootScore was 96.4%, tops in the industry

  • “Verizon continues state-level dominance, earning far more awards than any other carrier,” according to the report. Verizon won or shared 263 State RootScore Awards out of a possible 300. This is the second straight test period Verizon has earned 263 State RootScore Awards, more than twice as many as the number 2 performer, 7 times more than the third ranked carrier, and includes 23 more outright awards than in the second half of 2018

  • In its metro area report measuring performance across 125 of the most populated cities around the country, Verizon earned 672 RootScore awards, the most by any carrier since testing by RootMetrics began

  • Verizon was unbeaten for overall performance in 120 of the 125 markets tested, or 96% of the time, higher than results in the second half of 2018

RootMetrics conducts real world tests by driving more than 235,000 miles across the United States, covering all 50 states and 125 metro areas. Their testers conducted almost four million tests across six categories, both outdoors and in almost 8,000 indoor locations. Their scientific methodology tests networks side-by-side on the same device model, at the same time and in the same locations.

Broadest network coverage, unrivaled reliability and great speeds: the why behind the independent third party network wins

 Only Verizon’s network wins across multiple types of tests regardless of methodology, from numerous independent third parties. These results continue to be based on what our engineers like to call predictable excellence: providing the broadest coverage, most reliable service, consistently fast speeds, and video streaming experience. In addition to RootMetrics, the latest award wins for Verizon’s network include:

  • Tutela, which uses crowdsourced measurements from apps for their studies, found that Verizon had the best consistent quality score in the US2

  • Opensignal, which collects data both actively and automatically via its own apps and partner apps, named Verizon #1 in Video Experience and 4G availability, and second in both download speed experience and upload speed experience in its July 2019 USA Mobile Network Experience Report released yesterday

    • Under Key Findings: “Verizon users see big improvements in Video Experience”…”Verizon’s dominance in this metric was nowhere more apparent than in big cities, where it won or tied for every single one of our regional video experience awards.” 3

  • Nielsen, which uses national test data to measure video streaming performance, shows Verizon’s network delivered the best video streaming experience4

  • Ookla uses crowdsourced speed test data, and found Verizon provided the most consistent experience, had the highest percentage of time spent on 4G and the lowest percentage with no coverage5

  • P3, which uses crowdsourced data for their analysis across three disciplines – Coverage, Data Speed and Service Availability – named Verizon best for 4G coverage, voice coverage, data coverage and download user speeds, according to the P3 Mobile Benchmark USA January 2019 Report6

To find out the latest on Verizon’s network and more information on why we win third-party awards so consistently, see our quarterly network update.

1 Rankings based on the RootMetrics US National, State, and Metro RootScore Reports: 1H 2019. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. Visit for more details.

2 Tutela Mobile Experience Report for the USA, based on crowdsourced data collected in March 2019

3 Opensignal Awards – USA: Mobile Network Experience Report July 2019, based on independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded during the period March 16 – June 13, 2019 © 2019 Opensignal Inc. 

4 Based on Verizon interpretation of 1H 2019 Nielsen Video Test data collected nationally between January 1 – June 30, 2019

5 Ookla 2019 Speedtest U.S. Mobile Performance Report based on more than 11.5 million consumer-initiated network tests on Speedtest apps in the first half of 2019

6 P3 Group P3 Mobile Benchmark USA January 2019 Report, based on data collected October – December 2018

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Today, RootMetrics – the nation’s most rigorous and scientific network testing organization – once again found Verizon’s network undefeated in all six categories tested.*
Mobile consumers have spoken, and Verizon’s network quality experience continues to be a clear winner, for the 22nd time in a row over 11 years.