Going beyond Women’s History Month

By: Rebecca Nicole Laming

Christy, Rima and Tami share how we will build a future of work that works for all women. It starts with Women’s CoLab.

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The below letter was co-authored by Rima Qureshi, Tami Erwin and Christy Pambianchi on behalf of the Verizon Sisterhood, a community of fierce and fearless female V Teamers.

This past Women’s History Month was both insightful and moving. Even with the weight of the pandemic on their shoulders, women are leaning into the power of their voice to openly advocate for what they need to succeed and prosper at work. Now we face a bigger challenge — sustaining the spark to realize lasting gender equality.

Society tends to treat moments like Women’s History Month as a chance to lift up one group and then turn our attention once the month concludes. However, equality is not a switch that can be turned on and off. We must champion women’s rights every day as a critical imperative.

That’s why we announced Women’s CoLab, to help women prepare for an increasingly digital economy and participate to their full potential.

As we shared at the start of March, we are curating best-in-class resources to empower women to own their careers and realize their greatest ambitions. Women’s CoLab will provide access to free content, guidance from industry leaders and strategies to help women challenge professional barriers. As part of this effort, we are working to bring together like-minded organizations and leaders who share our vision to develop a network powered by women for women.

Join us to create a future of work that works for women.

As we build Women’s CoLab, we invite you to stay close by joining our email list, so you have early access to our constellation of resources. We hope to share excerpts of the content that we are curating to get you ready to dive in before launch.

For too long, the challenges women face in the workforce have been a subject raised during Women’s History Month with little action that followed. Now, we need to hold ourselves accountable for creating a world where women don’t have to choose one facet of their identity at the expense of their whole self. We must do better,  be bolder and keep raising the bar to shape an equitable and inclusive society.

We have the extraordinary power and responsibility to create a future of work that works for women. Our path forward begins with Women’s CoLab.

We hope you join us.

Tami, Christy and Rima

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