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Stationed at ... Verizon

By: Laura Merritt

When the U.S. Army needs training, they don’t settle for second best.


LTC Chris Krupar with members of the Verizon Network Intelligence Team at his promotion ceremony at the National Archives in Washington, DC. From left to right: Dennis Marti, Tuncay Basar, LTC Chris Krupar, Hubert Sieh, George Riggins and Sheen Patel. (Photo by: Tamieka Smith Photography)

To foster a collaborative learning environment, Verizon proudly participates in the U.S. Army’s training program known as Training With Industry (TWI). We are entering our fourth year supporting this keystone program. After completing a one-year immersive assignment with Verizon, these senior officers, considered the Army’s brightest problem solvers, return to service to be placed in key positions – typically within the U.S. Army Cyber command. 

Each participant’s future assignment within the Army is considered before being assigned to a Verizon Network team. This ensures their TWI assignment provides the appropriate skill set and crucial knowledge that will be relevant when they return to service. Since the TWI program began at Verizon, officers have been assigned various roles within the Network organization including Engineering, System Performance and Network Security. 

One of the officers participating in this year’s program, Christopher Krupar, was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. 

While working with the Verizon Network team, LTC Krupar worked on numerous projects. Most notably, he assisted with our Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Shield program, a critical project that protects our networks and our customers from malicious outside attacks.

The knowledge and skills that I’ve learned at Verizon have better prepared me for my next assignment and for mentoring other operations research analysts.

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Krupar


According to Verizon Core Network Engineering VP George Riggins, who oversees TWI for Verizon, “LTC Krupar is a perfect example of what makes this program beneficial to both the U.S. Army and us. He is a soldier-scholar who used his knowledge and experience to help elevate our team, while simultaneously enhancing his skill set to bring value to his next organization.”

“This has been an excellent experience for me to learn how a multinational telecommunications corporation uses data science to protect its network and customers while developing my own skill set,” said LTC Krupar. “The knowledge and skills I’ve learned at Verizon have better prepared me for my next assignment and for mentoring other operations research analysts.”

Verizon’s participation in TWI is one of many ways we are working to support our military forces and those who serve our country. We are proud to employ more than 11,000 veterans and honored to be ranked number six on the Military Times Top 100 list of 2018 Best for Vets Employers.

In addition to our continued support of the Army’s training program, we plan to offer immersive training to other branches of the military.

Visit our Military page for more information about Verizon’s commitment to veterans and the military


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Laura Merritt is an external communications manager for Verizon writing about wireless and wireline networks.

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