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08.14.2018Inside Verizon

It’s fast, 5G fast in Indianapolis.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Plus, 5G home broadband offering to include Apple TV 4K and YouTube TV.

It's 5G in Indianapolis.

Big news out of the Hoosier state as Indianapolis is named our next 5G city and we also announced that Apple TV and YouTube TV will be included with the initial 5G offerings in all 4 cities.

Thursday, we will host a special Facebook live employee event from one of our Indianapolis stores. We kick it off at 11 AM ET, and we will hear from the Mayor of Indy and Wireless leader Ronan Dunne. Be sure to join us on our Verizon Up To Speed Facebook page.

Read more in our news release or Tami Erwin's blog post about the news.

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