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When Big Data Delivers Great Customer Service

Bob Mudge is accustomed to discussing how data gets delivered fast over fiber optic networks, but lately he’s been equally focused on how data is being used to deliver a better customer experience.

“We want to break out of [our industry’s] service category. We will use data to help our customers find the right package or services that best fit their needs,” said Bob, president of Verizon’s Consumer & Mass Business unit. “We’re beginning to give our team members the right kind of data to have richer conversations with our customers and deepen our relationship with them.”

"We are taking  our representatives' view from 10,000 feet directly to their desktop.”

Bob was one of the top digital media minds gathered at the 7th Annual Media Tech Summit in New York to discuss digital transformation, customer experience and the shifting new media landscape.

With the implementation of multiple technologies and a sharpening of predictive analytics, FiOS employees are beginning to blaze a path toward delivering an experience that reduces customer effort and provides just-in-time information.

“It’s a journey. It won’t happen overnight, but we’re making progress and our customers will feel the difference over time as this predictive, insight-driven technology is deployed and our great teams get more and more adept at using data to deliver simple and smart customer experiences.”

For Bob’s complete discussion with Shelly, check out the video above.