Verizon unveils new National Accessibility Customer Service Center

On Oct. 15, Verizon launched its first National Accessibility Customer Service (NACS) team in Charleston, South Carolina. Approximately 200 specially trained customer service and technical support representatives began taking incoming calls from wireless customers with disabilities.

NACS has established a toll-free number (888-262-1999) for customers with disabilities and has also provided it to several advocacy groups. The toll free number is answered from 8:30am-5:30pm ET.

The newly established team is one of the many ways Verizon is committed to providing the greatest range of communication capabilities to customers with disabilities. With a specially trained staff, the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities (VCCD) continues to provide communication options for people who are deaf or have a hearing, vision, cognitive, speech or mobility disability. The VCCD is the landline center in Lowell, Massachusetts.

We are committed to providing life-changing technology solutions for our customers with disabilities, but we are equally focused on having a staff that can help these customers make the best use of this technology in their everyday lives.