05.04.2018Inside Verizon

Your camera. Our Credo.

By: Peter Casale

We need your help creating this year’s Credo video.

Your camera. Our Credo.

For this year's Credo video, we want your help! We’re collecting video submissions from all across the business, for possible use in an upcoming video about our Credo and values. We want to see and hear how YOU and YOUR TEAM live the Credo every day.

You can pick and choose one (or all) of the following videos to complete. Here's an example to help you get started. Get us your clips by May 18!

Video #1: Your Credo Confessional

Either at your workspace or somewhere else that's quiet, record a "selfie" video (you talking into the camera) talking about the following things:

  1. Tell us  your full name, the team you work with and the work you do.

  2. Tell us what drives you and your team . If you'd like, you can start your sentence with:
    "We do this because ______________"

  3. Take a look at our Credo, take your time and tell us your favorite line. Then tell us, in your own words, what it means to you.

  4. Why do we even need our Credo? Why do our values matter?

  5. End by looking into the camera (with a smile) and saying:
    "My name is __________ (FIRST NAME ONLY), and this is MY Credo video!"

Video #2: Show Us Your Work

Take some selfies or POV (“point of view”) videos of the work that you do every day. Show us a neat process, some cool tech, or anything else special about your job and explain what we're seeing. Feel free to include yourself in the shots and narrate what we’re seeing.

Video #3: Show Us Your Team and Location

This is your chance to have fun: Strike a pose with a colleague or some team members, or step outside and take a selfie video in front of a cool local landmark. Your creativity is the only limitation!

Technical Instructions

Before you roll, just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make it landscape! Be sure to turn your phone sideways before filming so we get a nice widescreen clip.

  • No need to edit, add music, etc. Raw video clips are perfectly fine.

How to Upload Your Clips

When you're finished, simply go to www.vimeo.com (or download the Vimeo app) to upload your hi-res clips directly from your device using the login info below:

User: vztvvideo@gmail.com
Password: vztvvideo

Upload the highest resolution you can. If possible, label the clips on Vimeo with your full name.

Jeremy gives us an example of what we're looking for.

About the author(s): 

Peter Casale is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. He's the resident writer, producer and creative who likes to tell stories — just ask his parents, he's been doing it his whole life.