Verizon is committed to protecting the environment and the safety and health of its employees, customers, and the communities where we operate. Our commitment goes beyond maintaining compliance with laws, regulations and policies. Verizon’s overarching sustainability mission is to use and promote sustainable business practices that reflect our commitment to the economic, environmental, and social responsibilities we have to our employees, customers, shareowners, and society.

Verizon will conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and provide employees with a safe and healthful workplace. We are committed, through our environmental, health and safety (EHS) management system and supporting programs, to eliminate hazards and reduce EHS risks.

Verizon will provide the resources needed to meet our corporate commitments, fulfill our compliance obligations, and foster a culture of continual EHS improvement.

Verizon employees and everyone who conducts business on our behalf must perform their jobs in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and must comply with all laws, regulatory requirements, and company programs for protecting the environment and human health and safety. Verizon will seek employees’ participation and consultation to identify concerns and opportunities for improvement.

Verizon will provide our customers with solutions—through our products and services—which help them improve safety performance, reduce environmental impact, and support our nation’s transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

All Verizon employees and those who conduct business on behalf of Verizon are responsible for following this policy. The Environment, Health and Safety organization is responsible for providing direction and support.

For more information about the scope and organization of Verizon’s environmental, health and safety management system, please direct inquiries to   

Issued on 02/04/2020