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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy


Verizon Communications Inc. and its subsidiaries are committed to protecting the environment and the safety and health of our employees, customers and the communities where we operate.

Verizon shall conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and provide employees with a safe and healthful workplace. All employees and anyone who conducts business on behalf of Verizon shall comply with all laws, regulatory requirements and company programs for protecting the environment and human health and safety. Verizon shall implement environmental, health and safety (EHS) management systems and provide the personnel, resources and governance to comply with laws and guidelines and to strive to continuously improve Verizon’s environmental, health and safety performance.

In addition, we provide our customers with solutions, through our products and services that help them reduce their environmental impact and support the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.


Verizon is committed to the safety of its employees and protecting the environment. Our EHS programs and practices have been developed to comply with U.S. and international EHS laws and guidelines and the Verizon Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct is a statement of the principles and expectations that define ethical business conduct at Verizon, requiring that all employees be accountable for their actions and conduct business with integrity.

Our code addresses our EHS responsibilities:

Verizon is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees and meeting its environmental responsibilities. You must perform your job in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in compliance with applicable Verizon policies and practices and the law.

If you believe that a safety, health or environmental hazard exists, that there has been a release of any hazardous substance, or that safety, health or environmental guidelines are not being followed, you must immediately report the situation to your supervisor. Where you are unable to reach your supervisor directly or there has been a release or imminent release of any hazardous substance, you must also immediately contact the safety and environmental management organization at 800.386.9639.

If you are a supervisor, you must also ensure that your direct reports are trained on the safety and environmental practices applicable to each of their jobs and implement and enforce all regulations and policies. You must investigate all safety, health and environmental issues that come to your attention, and refer any potential noncompliance to your supervisor and the safety and environmental management organization.

If you believe that your supervisor has failed to take appropriate action to remedy a condition which is unsafe or in violation of any law or safety, health and environmental practice, you must contact a representative of the safety and environmental management organization.

Verizon is required to record and report work-related accidents. If you are involved in a work-related accident, you must immediately report it to a supervisor and follow the company’s policies for reporting accidents and injuries.

Government agencies may conduct periodic inspections for compliance with safety, health and environmental requirements. If officials of any government agency seek to conduct an inspection, you must immediately contact and consult with a company representative in the safety and environmental management organization.


 Every employee is responsible for complying with all applicable EHS laws. Employees are required to have a basic understanding of their EHS responsibilities and those of Verizon. Functional line managers must ensure that employees are appropriately trained on EHS issues that may affect their activities. The EHS organization is primarily responsible for EHS compliance by:

  • reviewing EHS laws and regulations for their impact on Verizon operations,
  • developing and implementing specific compliance programs,
  • identifying training requirements,
  • maintaining centralized records and documents; and
  • evaluating the effectiveness of EHS programs and training.

The EHS organization supports general environmental awareness training by providing materials and professional consultation. EHS is also responsible for identifying any functional groups that may require special environmental skills and for ensuring that appropriate training is provided and documented. Supervisors are required to ensure that they and their employees:

  • follow all EHS policies, programs, and practices,
  • complete applicable required EHS training,
  • have and use proper personal protective and safety equipment,
  • take corrective measures when required EHS procedures are not being followed,
  • complete required record keeping and documentation,
  • report and input incidents into the appropriate database; and
  • are qualified under Department of Transportation rules or international equivalent for applicable drivers.

Agents hired to perform work must satisfy performance standards established by EHS requirements, including appropriate licenses, training, insurance, experience and history of legal compliance. Agents are required to submit to a contractor assessment review before being hired.

Resources Verizon employees are provided with several additional resources to uphold our EHS Policy:

  • EHS websites
  • HR Guidelines and Procedures
  • Policies, Practices, Methods and Procedures, Compliance Manuals
  • Training
  • 24-hour EHS hotline
  • Corporate and Global EHS organizations

Social responsibility and sustainability

Verizon's commitment to the environment goes far beyond maintaining compliance with laws and policies. The company’s overlaying sustainability mission is to use and promote sustainable business practices that reflect our commitment to the economic, environmental, and social responsibilities we have to our customers, shareowners, employees, and society at large. We are dedicated to sustaining our environment and reducing our impact by conserving energy, recycling, and developing greener products.


Verizon maintains its commitment to its EHS policy by a continuous improvement program. We keep abreast of regulatory and technological changes, and review compliance through our governance program, which includes periodic EHS audits and program reviews.

Issued on 09/01/2015

CPS 115 Appendix A