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Human Rights  
at Verizon

Adopted in 2009, our statement commits us to promoting the human rights values embedded in our Commitment and Values and Codes of Conduct.

Verizon is a global solutions provider that operates networks that help drive much of the world’s economy. Our high-speed global Internet backbone and extensive network of data centers and connection points provide us with a strong foundation for delivering wireless, strategic and security services, video and broadband services to millions of customers around the world. This infrastructure enables our users to connect, communicate and share information and ideas.

We appreciate the human dimensions of our business. We know that we are deeply embedded in the lives of our customers, and we are committed to putting them first.

Verizon is an employer of choice that respects the individual, inspires excellence and encourages the full range of talent in people. We invest in the human and intellectual capital that keeps our company strong and competitive. Because over 150,000 employees live and work in the communities that we serve, we have a vested interest in good schools, safe neighborhoods, and strong local economies. We are committed to being a responsible member of communities.

We also recognize that with our expansive global network and extensive supply chain, it is imperative that we conduct business responsibly and with the highest ethical standards and that we maintain our reputation for trust and responsibility wherever we operate.

To earn the trust of employees, customers, suppliers and partners, we maintain our core values of respect, integrity, accountability and performance excellence. By adhering to these values, Verizon promotes human rights and helps improve society wherever we do business.

Human rights statement

Verizon is committed to promoting values that foster human rights. This commitment is expressed in our Credo, Commitment & Values, and Code of Conduct. We strive to create an environment of respect, integrity and fairness for our employees and customers wherever we do business, and we expect our business partners to operate the same way.

We respect the broad principles in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, many of which can be applied to how global businesses can build good relationships around the world and work successfully among different customs and cultures.

Our commitment to promote human rights values is consistent with our dedication to respect employees, value customers, strengthen communities, protect the environment and engage with stakeholders to make the right decisions for the future of our business and the future of our communities.

Here are areas in which we are keeping this commitment to promoting human rights values wherever we operate:

Valuing our employees

We protect the human rights of our employees through strong policies, direct and open communications, management systems and training on issues such as diversity, fair employment practices, non-discrimination and freedom from unlawful harassment, and environmental health and safety.

Verizon Credo

We are committed to ensuring Verizon is an employer of choice that respects the individual, inspires excellence and taps the full range of talent in people. The Verizon Credo captures our culture in words and reminds us that integrity, customer needs, urgency and teamwork need to be the foundation of everything we do.

Updated February 2019