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The Fourth Industrial Revolution


  • Can you grow a cell phone case?

    Mushrooms can be used to make packaging, floor tiles and a lot more. It's secret ingrediant "Mycelium" could be the plastic alternative many have been searching for.

  • Experts are curbing pollution by crunching numbers

    Sensors and fast networks track contaminants in real time.

  • Yes, you can power your phone with food scraps

    Students turn edible trash into energy that will eventually charge their cell phones.

  • How drones help the environment and tackle climate change

    Drones are helping to clarify ways in which climate change is altering the earth and, in some cases, directly combating ecological problems.

  • How will you disrupt climate change this year?

    The potential for technologies like 5G to open up discoveries that might slow down the destruction of our planet should not be underestimated.

  • Robots, drones and sensors are changing the way we farm

    Tech innovations such as autonomous tractors, remote monitoring and crop-watering drones are revolutionizing the way agriculture is done.




The case for digital license plates for drones

How air traffic control for drones unlocks the power of 5G.


What is it?

Find out why the Fourth Industrial Revolution matters to you.