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The Verizon Innovation Program works with companies of all sizes to bring their nontraditional connected solutions to market. The program is open to mid-stage innovators and start-ups who want to integrate the power of our 4G LTE technology on an existing wireless product or service. When you join the Verizon Innovation Program, you'll work with some of the most experienced professionals in the extended wireless community.

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Verizon Labs: Where Innovation Happens

In our Verizon Labs, humans and machines not only coexist—they thrive. We’re changing the ways in which we interact with technology and inspiring future innovation.

Our Innovation Centers, co-located with our Innovation Labs in Boston and San Francisco, feature state-of-the-art showcases of visionary ideas, commercial products, and innovative solutions still in-progress. The centers provide the technical resources needed to test and optimize products in a real-world environment, so you can take it to market faster.

Verizon Ventures: What's next

Watch Video about Venture Perspectives: What's Next in Data & Enterprise Applications

Processing the data glut requires top-of-the-line tools, but several startups are tackling that challenge by providing cost-effective, democratized data solutions. Daniel Chui, Christie Pitts, Brock Alston of MapD Technologies, David Cutrer of Kumu Networks, Allison Clift-Jennings of Filament, and Kurt Madel of CloudBees share new and exciting applications for data in the enterprise.

Verizon Ventures seeks and invests in promising entrepreneurial companies that are tackling some of today's biggest challenges. We’re proud to connect innovation and opportunity, and back big new ideas with funding, domain expertise and strategic connections. Over the last decade we've worked with more than 40 companies covering a range of industries, technologies and market segments.

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Verizon Labs is our research and development arm focused developing and testing new technologies.