$2000 grant value or 50 RSUs at $40.00 equals $2,364 Total Payout

My Stock Together vested. How do I get paid?

Vested RSUs will be paid in cash through your Fidelity brokerage account as soon as administratively possible after each of the vesting dates. For those employees that are in certain countries, the payment will be made through your local Payroll. The payments are subject to any tax withholding obligations.

Fidelity Facts

As a reminder, here’s how you can log into Fidelity. Visit www.NetBenefits.com/Verizon to keep track of your Stock Together awards.

Here, you can find other important information, such as:

  • Your Grant Notice
  • The Verizon Long Term Incentive Plan document
  • The value of your RSUs
  • Vesting dates
  • and Other resources Fidelity provides as our stock plan services provider

Below are the links to the Account Activation Instructions.


Fidelity Account Activation Instructions - US Employees

Outside of US

Fidelity Account Activation Instructions - International Employees