In the United States, one in every four women and one in every seven men have experienced severe physical violence from an intimate partner,1 and each year more than 15 million children witness violence in their homes.2

Dealing with the consequences of domestic violence in our society is an enormous challenge. At Verizon, we’re working to be part of the solution:

We support Camp Hope, a national youth program focused on ending the cycle of generational violence.

We support the #Hope feature, which allows any Verizon Wireless customer to connect to the National Domestic Violence Hotline simply by dialing #Hope on their mobile phone.

We provide grants to leading nonprofit organizations, focusing on organizations that support victims and survivors of domestic violence and those that strive to prevent it.


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2 McDonald, Renee, Jouriles, Ernest N, Ramisetty-Miklet, Suhasini, et al. "Estimating the Number of American Children Living in Partner-Violent Families," Journal of Family Psychology 20(1) (2006): 137-142.