the ability  
to do more.

We’re working to help close the digital divide.

At Verizon, our mission is to deliver the promise of the digital world by giving people the ability to do more, innovate and drive positive change. Right now, millions of under-resourced students here in the U.S. are lacking the technology and skills required for success in today’s digital economy. We have been working to help close this digital divide since 2012 through a transformative program called Verizon Innovative Learning.

With an innovative STEM-focused curriculum.

Our program provides free technology, free internet access and a next-gen, technology-infused curriculum that changes the way teachers teach and students learn. We work hand in hand with nonprofit partners and our team of education and technology experts to build and administer STEM-focused programs from the ground up. We carefully measure and refine our programs to ensure we’re making a difference – and we have.

Our programs drive real academic improvements such as better math achievements and increased student engagement as compared to non-Verizon Innovative Learning schools.*

We’re inspiring students with tech innovations.

Additionally, we’re committed to being the first to bring 5G technology to the classroom. Virtual and augmented reality. Advanced, low-latency robotics. And immersive collaboration experiences. Being able to interact with transformative technologies like these will further prepare our students for tomorrow’s digital world.

And aiming to help 2 million more students by 2021.

Since 2012, we have committed a total of $400 million to helping under-resourced communities bridge the digital divide. We have helped over a million kids to date and will help 2 million more by 2021.

*Source: Westat (2018). Verizon Innovative Learning Schools – First Analysis of Student Administrative Data From Cohort 3 Schools


  • 76%
    of teachers said that Verizon Innovative Learning schools enhanced student engagement
  • 58%
    of students were more proficient in STEM
  • 42%
    of Verizon Innovative Learning students like school more
Source: All Verizon Innovative Learning data reported through Q3 2018.

Read their stories.

Photo of Tyghe Crocket-Arias

“Because we can.”

When asked about why they believe they can change the world, the participants all basically had the same response: “Because we can."

Photo of Danielle Amos

“STEM isn't just a boy thing.”

“I read somewhere that for every one girl that’s in a STEM career, there’s like five boys," said sixth grader Danielle Amos. "So to see that there are 50 girls who want to partake in this is just crazy.”

Photo of Kareem Jackson, Verizon Retail Solutions Manager

“It sparked a fire inside of me.”

The 3D printing class that Ryan Butler took along with fellow middle schoolers inspired him to envision a career as an electrical engineer. “Now I know about this big huge world of technology.”

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an impact.

  • Engaging

    “The structure is essential, and it’s engaging. When the kids engage in the learning environment, they engage elsewhere.”

    Marilyn Dieppa, Instructor, Florida International University

  • Encouraging

    “That's what I see her getting from this [program]. She's getting that smart is cool; that smart can bring you places.” 

    Liz Lynch, Instructor, Patrick Henry Community College

  • Motivating

    “He became a leader instead of that kid in the classroom. Academically his grades shot up because he feels like he's accomplishing it on his own."

    Jean Nicoleau, Chaperone and Teacher

  • Elevating

    "Verizon Innovative Learning takes student learning to another level."

    Dimitres Pantelidis, Principal at P.S. 171

  • Life-changing

    “With the students that were in the [program], I can see a world of difference. They're more confident and stepping up to the plate and taking on leadership positions.”

    Helen Howell, Instructor