We’re innovating the classroom.

Millions of American students lack the access to technology and the skills they need to succeed in the digital world. Verizon has been working to help solve this problem holistically through a transformative program called Verizon Innovative Learning. 

Since 2012, Verizon Innovative Learning has provided free technology, free internet access, and hands-on learning experiences to help give under-resourced students the education they deserve. This groundbreaking program is powered by a next-gen, technology-infused curriculum that fundamentally changes the way teachers teach and students learn.

And we’re seeing real results.

Students are showing improvement in math and reading,* and they’re more engaged in school.** We’ve helped more than a million students so far, and we’ve committed up to $400 million by 2023 to help millions more. 

*After two years, VILS students improved on standardized tests at rates higher than their peers - 3X for math and 2X for reading. Source: Westat March 15, 2017 Research - Verizon Innovative Learning Schools: Results of the Analysis of Student Administrative Data From Cohort 1 Schools (based on two years of data for 6th grade Cohort 1 schools that provided complete data)

**Across all VIL programs that reported data in 2017.


Technology. Innovation. For a brighter future.

Watch Video about Verizon Innovative Learning | Middle School 46