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2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Building the future


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Accessing diverse perspectives

Our long-standing Consumer Advisory Board (CAB), composed of diverse leading business and public-interest advocates, provides us with an unfiltered view of relevant technology, consumer, business and social issues at twice-yearly meetings. CAB members’ perspectives and advice play a role in the development of many important Verizon policy and business decisions.

We strive to make it easy for our stakeholders to understand our positions and progress on issues that matter to them. As such, we publish:

  • A semiannual Transparency Report, listing all the law-enforcement requests for customer information that we received in the U.S. and other countries in which we do business as of the publication date;
  • A semiannual Political Contributions Report, disclosing all of Verizon’s PAC contributions, corporate political contributions and independent expenditures; and
  • The Verizon Broadband Commitment, which outlines our commitment to an open internet that provides consumers with competitive broadband choices and internet access – when, where and how they want it.