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2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Building the future


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Helping humans do more

At Verizon, we have one mission: to give humans the ability to do more in this world. We call it Humanability, and it’s why we’re partnering with visionaries from just about every industry you can imagine, to enable humans to do more than they ever thought possible. Using technology and data to turn innovative ideas into reality.

How can a scalpel in one state help save a patient in another?

Verizon is racing to build the first and most powerful Intelligent Edge Network, which one day will give physicians the ability to perform a number of functions – from remote diagnostics to precision robotic surgery – from thousands of miles away and with precise control.

How can asphalt help save the environment?

Verizon’s intelligent network of sensors and cameras will give cities the ability to study and analyze the flow of traffic and relay that information to operations centers, who will then use it to make communities safer, smarter and greener. All while cutting carbon dioxide emissions and commute time for thousands of drivers.

How can a sensor the size of a nickel help stop food poisoning?

Verizon’s advanced network gives people the ability to securely track and measure everything from temperature changes to humidity and location in real-time. We’re developing new tracking devices that will ensure foods, and even medications, won’t be compromised – keeping people and the global food chain safer.