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2017 Program Impact: National Education Initiatives

More than 1 million students have participated in our education programs since 2012. Here are the highlights from four of our most impactful programs: schools, design thinking, rural girls and minority boys. To learn more about the Verizon Innovative Learning programs, visit


Design thinking



CLOSE Verizon Innovative Learning schools (VILs) program We launched our schools program with Digital Promise in eight schools in 2014. During the school year that began in 2017, there were: 73 participating schools, 43,683 participating students, 2,538 participating teachers, 78% of students are eligible to receive free or reduced-cost lunch. 2017 results: Teachers saw improvements: 75% said that VILs enhanced student engagement. 49% said that VILs improved their interactions with students. 62% said using tablets made their instruction more effective. 63% said VILs helped them reach goals they already set for their classroom and for their teaching. Student attitudes improved: 47% felt more confident in school when they use their technology. 49% felt school was more fun. 48% believed that having the technology makes science more interesting. 40% believed that having the technology makes math more interesting
CLOSE Design thinking program: 94% were more interested in STEM subjects. 87% improved their problem-solving skills. 85% increased their STEM proficiency
CLOSE Rural girls program: 86% were more aware of the variety of STEM careers. 76% learned problem-solving skills. 68% want to own a business someday.
CLOSE Minority boys program: 91% increased ability in science. 90% increased ability in math. 86% increased ability in English/language arts