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2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

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The documentary Without a Net: The digital divide in America encourages others to join us in our mission to help close the digital divide.

Verizon Innovative Learning

Giving millions of kids a brighter future

By 2023, our goal is to help provide 6 million middle school students with the skills to put them on the path to success in an increasingly tech-dependent job market. We have set this target because today, millions of underserved students lack access to technology in the classroom and at home. Without help, they will be left behind in the digital economy. In 2017, we launched a documentary and a national movement that spotlights the crisis.

To reach our goal, our Verizon Innovative Learning initiative delivers free technology, free access and innovative learning programs to under-resourced schools and students across America. We build programs from the ground up, using Verizon’s technology to provide tech-infused curricula that are hands-on and immersive. These programs transform middle schools with digital technology, immerse minority boys and rural girls in tech and entrepreneurship education, and train high school students to put design thinking principles to use in solving real-world business and societal challenges. And we are diligent in measuring the impact of our programs.

In 2017, almost 128,000 students participated in our Verizon Innovative Learning initiative.

Our employees – the V Team – play an important role in our work. In 2017, nearly 1,400 V Teamers served as STEM mentors. Learn more about the V Team here.