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2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Building the future


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Supporting neighbors, building community

Across the communities we serve, Verizon employees are engaged in supporting neighbors and building community capacity, and give generously of their time, talent and financial resources. Collectively, their positive impact is vast, and Verizon encourages our employees’ passion to serve others.

volunteer hours by Verizon employees
in support of nonprofits

donated by Verizon employees
to schools and nonprofits

donated through Verizon’s Matching
Gifts program – supporting employees’ donations of time and money to schools
and charitable organizations

Employee giving and volunteerism

As part of our culture and the employee experience, V Teamers are committed to building the communities where they work and live by volunteering their time and giving generously.

  • Through our Matching Gifts Program, V Teamers donated millions of dollars in 2017 with corporate matching gifts of up to $1,000 for their personal charitable donations and up to $5,000 for donations to eligible educational institutions.
  • Team members who volunteer at least 50 hours at a nonprofit during a calendar year can generate a $750 donation from Verizon to that organization.
  • Through our Verizon Innovative Learning initiative, we’re giving students the skills to succeed in an increasingly tech-dependent job market. In 2017, nearly 1,400 V Teamers shared their time and expertise by serving as science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) mentors.
  • Nearly 25,000 V Teamers across 35 countries and territories belong to the Verizon Green TeamGreen Team, our grassroots collective of volunteers dedicated to environmental stewardship.

HopeLine: Addressing the challenge of domestic violence

Verizon established the HopeLine program in 2001 to help prevent domestic violence and support its survivors.

Through this initiative, we collected and sold used mobile devices to provide cash grants to organizations and agencies working to curb domestic violence.

In 2017 Verizon:

  • Collected 579,605 phones and converted them into resources to support survivors. Since the program’s inception we have collected more than 13.2 million phones.
  • Donated 11,351 mobile phones with voice and text-messaging service for use by survivors.
  • Gave $7.6 million in cash grants to nonprofits that support domestic violence prevention.